These Little Moments…

I don’t like taking pictures, especially of people, with people, eh… Bad experience with my mom on multiple occasions, don’t ask.

DSCF9682Scenery and landscape, they are okay but I really prefer looking at them with my two eyes instead of through a lens or a screen though replaying those memories are quite nice at times. Lately, I find myself taking more and more pictures of random things like this:


Yes, I hide a bar of Toblerone in my room

…and this


Three hours out in the sun and the ice’s still there

Immediately, I’ll plug the SD card into the computer and upload it to my Google account. Sometimes, I’ll even tweak it to look less boring than just a normal photograph. It’s a bit more dramatic this way too. I used to do it in Photoshop but this is easier to use. With less frustration, I was enjoying this more.

Of course, after uploading my random pictures, I will immediately delete them on the SD card. If my mom finds out I’ve been wasting time and space taking pictures of random  things, oh boy, she will freak out and start this insane rampage trying to bring me down but sticks and stones won’t break my soul, right?

Her words don’t mean anything, I’ll often tell myself. They are just temporary. You just keep doing what you love because, come on, if you took her words seriously, this blog would not exist and you’ll probably be living without any interests and maybe some doctors might even say you’re depressed and you’ll even have to go back to the psychiatrist, you don’t want that, do you?

No, I do not.

Therefore, I will keep discover my new hobbies and will keep recording the tiny moments.

Daily Prompt: A Moment in Time

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