Yuck, No Thanks

About four years ago, I applied for an internship with the city. I remember reading the job description and about a third of a way down, there was a bullet that said the interns are responsible to do routine visit to the sewer pipeline. My skin just started prickling at the words “routing visit”.

I didn’t get the internship probably because of my nervousness and my lack of interviewing skills. Honestly though, the interviewing lady that never smiles will making me anxious. I felt good at the end of the interview but I guess it just wasn’t my destiny to work for the city. I’d tried again two years later, still no luck.

My friend got the internship though but they let her go after a semester. Man, I should’ve asked her, “did you get to look at the sewer?” But it never came up in our conversations.

Anyway, I wouldn’t say I would object if anyone ever needs me to go visit the sewer but I will sure take a lot of precaution (full hazmat suit and everything) because I will never let any skin of mine will ever touch sewage water. But if I have any say in this, no thanks, you can explore the sewage yourself.

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