To you…

Today is Valentine’s Day and my cousin’s birthday, not the pain in the a– cousin. I probably should send him a birthday card, after all, it’s not everyday one gets to turn 19.

Meanwhile, I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, I don’t really see the point, sorry. Today is just another busy Saturday on my calendar. My mom wants me to finish all the translation work today. You can tell I’m procrastinating. 😀

Oh, just because I don’t celebrate this holiday doesn’t mean I don’t have my favorite Valentine Day of all time. Click here to read, although, I think a lot of you’d probably already read it.

Today’s prompt calls to write an ode to someone or something I love. I am terrible at poetry. So I’m not going to attempt to write a poem. Who or what am I going to write it to? Hmm…

To my blog…

Before you, I was miserable. I was full of anger and sadness with no one to turn to. Somedays, I was so angry and depressed that I didn’t even want to go to class. After reading something I wrote, one of my instructors even recommended me to go see a counselor but even then it did not help. I couldn’t let my anger and sadness go in that tiny close-circuit camera recording room. It was too risky and I was afraid if anybody saw this, they’ll have me committed. I couldn’t tell anyone about that either so I had to keep it to myself. 

I didn’t know what to do. I wasn’t and am not an irrational person. I don’t break stuff or throw things across the room like my crazy step-father. I am compose even though I might feel different on the inside. 

I had no choice but to search for an alternative. Then there you were. For a long time, I was reluctant but then I just let everything go, let my thoughts go free. You know what? I suddenly felt so much better with all the encouraging comments from all the readers and followers. I’ve never expected you’d flourish. You have brought joy to my life and I love you for that and therefore, I dedicate this letter to you.

12 thoughts on “To you…

  1. I love this post! Blogging really is a type of therapy. I don’t know why, but something about sitting down and writing out some of the things bouncing around in my head always makes me feel a little lighter and a lot better.

    I’m glad that your blog has helped you get rid of some of those negativity traits that all of us experience. I hope it continues to help you, I will be following your thoughtful and relatable posts!

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  2. I’m glad you’re finding happiness in your blog, Yinglan. It’s good to be able to connect with so many people and write about your feelings and hopes. Your short piece of writing today is lovely and open, as well as being nicely written. I hope youe cousin has a great birthday. 🙂

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