To Occupy the Walls

This has been in my home almost ever since we moved in. I think it sends a great message.

My mom picked it up for $0.50 at the thrift store. She likes to shop at thrift store and so do I but we shop for different things. She tends to browse for inexpensive cute rare antiquities while I like to browse for jigsaw puzzles.

You see, I am a big jigsaw collector, the bigger the better like 3000 or 4000 pieces. I like to buy them cheap, complete them myself, and frame them.

Anyway, there’s not much hanging in my home. My mom likes to keep the walls clean.  Aside from this, each bedroom also has a picture of its own. This is the picture that’s currently hanging in my aunt’s room next door.

Temple Square 1890

I don’t think we put paintings and artwork on the walls to create a mood. I guess we just put them there to occupy the walls, to make the walls feel less bland and empty.

Not much to say for this prompt. Anyway, I think I need a nap, been at my homework all day and getting nowhere with it. See ya.

5 thoughts on “To Occupy the Walls

  1. I have to ask about the first picture. You may know that I do cross stitch so I am curious as to whether that is a stitched picture or is it printed? I always feel badly when someone’s hand stitching ends up in a thrift store so if that’s what it is I am glad it found a good home. I too love jigsaw puzzles, I did a large, complicated one with my sister over Christmas break. It used to be my habit when we had snow days to start a jigsaw puzzle.

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