The Wedding Bells Part 14 (Flash Fiction Chain #6)

Flash fiction chain #6

Jithin, PhoTrablogger, the host of Flash Fiction Chain, had decided to continue the previous flash fiction chain due to an inconclusive ending. The following parts are inspired by the above image.

Character List :

  • Anna Brighton- 32 year old CEO who owns and runs a publishing company
  • Alex Burns – well established author, Anna’s ex, Toby Blackwell’s cousin
  • Toby Blackwell – co-owns the Blackwell estate, Alex’s cousin

Minor characters:

  • Jenny- Anna’s secretary
  • Melissa Doyle –the bride, Anna’s dear friend
  • Harrison – Melissa’s fiance.


If you’re not caught up, may I recommend you to read the previous part before venturing this part.

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Now onto Part 14

“Alex, please!” She pleaded. “Get him off me.” Anna shrieked and pressed her palms against Toby’s shoulder.

“All right, darling, if that’s what you want.” Toby’s eyes fluttered and released Anna. Then in one motion, he spun around and slammed his fist against Alex’s jaw. Anna covered her mouth with hands and before she could stop anything more from happening, Toby lunged at Alex and then, it was like watching a bullfight and Toby was the bull with Alex being the matador.

This isn’t me, this isn’t me, she repeated in her head while trying to compose herself. I don’t want this. What had happen to her cool and composed self? She suddenly felt like her world had turned upside down during the past two days. This situation is out of control. She shook her head. “This isn’t what I want.” She said aloud and then she cried. “Stop!”

Toby and Alex froze. Their fists remained gripping onto each other’s jacket. They stared at her. She took a moment to examine them. They let go of each other. Alex took a step back and sniffed as blood ran quickly from his nose to his chin to his once-white shirt while Toby wobbled on his feet. Anna gulped and said quietly. “Out.”

They stood there and stared. Alex frowned while Toby had a stupid drunken smile on his face. She pointed at the door. “I said out.” She shouted.

Alex voluntarily retreated. Toby, on the other hand, opened his arms and walked toward Anna. “Oh come on darling.”

Still pointed at the door, Anna clenched her teeth. “Get…Out..Now.” For a few seconds, Toby giggled and hiccuped, maybe still too drunk to act logically and then he surrendered, raising his hands and slowly backed away.

Anna sobbed as she sat on the stripped bed, hugging her knees. She peeked frighteningly around the room. She had never acting this way before. As Toby retreated, she slammed the door shut and locked it and then she went on a rampage. She’d stripped the bed where Toby had so disgustingly kissed the housemaid. She’d even snatched the vase of roses on the nightstand and thrown it against the wall.

Everything felt wrong to her. She didn’t know why. She felt so conflicted and she knew in her heart she shouldn’t feel this way. There was only one purpose for this trip and that is Melissa’s wedding. The wedding’s over, what’s she still doing here?

There was a soft knock on the door and Sara the flower girl walked in. “I thought the door was locked.” Anna wiped her eyes.

Sara grinned. “Everybody knows I always get what I want.” She held a key in her hand. She walked to Anna’s bed and extended her hand. “I want to show you something.”

Anna quietly obeyed. She hopped off the bed and suddenly noticed the room was no longer a mess. She blinked. “What happened? Where’s the mess?”

But Sara just pulled her out of the room into the hallway. It was like deja vu. Crowds of familiar faces gathered in the hallway, talking and exchanging gifts. Most of them were here earlier today. “I thought they left.” Anna said as Sara led her upstairs toward the room where Melissa used to get ready just hours before. “This is Melissa’s room.”

The door opened and a bride was standing in a strapless white gown with the veil scattered behind her. Anna gasped. How is this possible? She wondered. “It’s me.” She glanced down at Sara. “Is this a dream?”

“It’s your wedding day.” Sara giggled. “I told you.”

Anna blinked. “What? That’s not possible.”

Sara shook her head. “No, it’s not. You just have to believe in your heart.”

Anna frowned. “How?”

Just believe. Sara’s voice echoed in her head and then she was gone, leaving Anna standing barefooted in the room. She watched herself admire her reflection in the mirror and smiled, suddenly realizing what she wanted all along.

Anna bolted up on the bed, gasping. She glanced around the room, still a mess. She must had fallen asleep while crying. Quickly, she climbed out of bed and walked carefully to the bathroom. She stared at her reflection for a few seconds. I am ready, she told herself.

She made her way to the door, careful not to step on the broken glass from the vase. The door was still locked. She turned the lock, opened the door, and smiled. There he was.

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34 thoughts on “The Wedding Bells Part 14 (Flash Fiction Chain #6)

  1. What a brilliant visual narration!! Felt like seeing everything in front of my eyes. And this is getting really exciting. Cant wait to read PJ’s next part! This is really fun beyond my expectation 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. I’m glad you’re continuing this chain. The first parts are really about Melissa and her wedding and now it might be Anna’s turn. I can’t wait to see what PJ has come up with either.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh wow! This is a beauty. Such a lot of violence over a girl, so much conflict and disbelief in her heart and yet love finds a way to penetrate her sub conscious. She is ready for love and life again! And, Yinglan, this is vivid storytelling.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. There is no way I can do it, I don’t even have the list of all the authors and their urls or the characters. Please write it for me. I promise — I owe you big time. It will be so easy for you to do since you have all that information readily accessible.

        Liked by 1 person

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