Too many flavors

All right, is it me or is today’s prompt incredibly vague? Is it asking us to choose an ice cream flavor? Or is it asking something else entirely different?

First of all, I’d like to say thank you for all the encouraging comments I’ve gotten about this morning’s post. I wrote it mostly to vent my anger and sadness. A person can only take so much. I feel better now that those feelings are no longer bottled inside. So thanks again.

Now, onto this ridiculously vague prompt. Since it mentioned the words, vanilla and chocolate, I am going to assume it’s talking about ice cream flavors. I’d say my favorite flavor is mint with chocolate chip but then this is the only flavor I’ve had whenever I get to choose. Chocolate chip cookie flavor is my runner-up but I really prefer the mint flavor. Personally, I will like any flavor as long as it doesn’t have nuts and coconut. Nuts hurt my gums and coconut is just one of my mom’s annoying obsessions. I don’t care much about it.

Anyway, I told you about my step-dad and his emotional roller-coaster, right? I know, my life’s been an emotional roller coaster and a never-ending nightmare.

There is one big difference between my step-dad and my mom. When he’s in his good moods, he is the world’s #1 dad. I remember this one time, he surprised me with ice cream from Amy’s Ice Cream, famous in Austin, Texas. He even got the flavors right, a scoop of chocolate chip cookie and a scoop of mint chocolate chip. It was the best ice cream I’ve ever had, way better than Dreyers and Breyers and no icicles from being in the fridge too long. It was silky smooth and delicious.

Or so I thought…

A few months after we moved to Utah, my mom’s friend and her neighbor hosted a neighborhood social. It was about harvest. We were invited even though we weren’t part of the neighborhood. It was all about eating, gathering, and celebrating the harvest. I have never seen so much varieties of the same food all my life.

The vegetables were all home-grown and when it came to dessert time, all the senior ladies and men arrived with large tubs of ice cream and lined them up on the picnic table. At first, I was a bit curious why every single tub was a different shape and color. Then someone told me that it was because they were homemade.


I’ve never had homemade ice cream before. I didn’t even know there’s a recipe for ice cream. “It’s a tasting.” Another told me. They said I’m to grab a small bowl and take a small scoop of each tub. We were even handed out a piece of paper and pencil so we could judge the flavors. I don’t remember which was my favorite. They were all so silky and creamy. It’s so hard.

I had thought I’ve tasted the best ice cream at Amy’s Ice Cream but apparently, the best is when it’s homemade.

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