Spring: Fresh and Colorful

Yesterday, I took my camera on a walk with me to the park. It was such a beautiful day, the first this entire week, it seems. I couldn’t resist. It’s spring, everything is blooming. Even the air feels fresh. I walked out my front door and notice that even the plum tree in my front yard was blooming…

I tweaked my camera setting to “flower”, a setting apparently I didn’t know it existed. The resolution came out better than any other settings and now I know.  I think these are my best yet. Plum flowers are incredibly gorgeous, don’t you think?

DSCF9743 1

Anyway, I think more photos will come. I just have to wait for the roses and tulips to bloom.

19 thoughts on “Spring: Fresh and Colorful

  1. Cameras have ‘flower’ settings??!!! One thing’s for sure, I’ve learnt a lot from participating in these photo challenges. Off to check my own camera to see if I can find any new settings while admiring your really awesome photos. Nice! 🙂

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    1. Mine does, at least that’s how I discovered the setting, while frustratingly trying to take a clear picture of my plum tree. I think there are lots we can learn from participating in these challenges.
      Thanks for Reading and good luck discovering your camera. 🙂


      1. One of the things I discovered was the macro and super macro setting; I don’t know how I existed without it. My husband thinks that’s the ‘flower’ setting – how do I know? I’m just glad to point, shoot and post!

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      2. I think that’s probably it. I have the macro setting too and when I set it to flower, it pops up but I’m like you too, just point, shoot and post. Just had a little more time on my hand that day to actually play with the camera.

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