A Walk in the Park


Here are some more photographs I took on my photo walk to the park last Thursday which felt like the first day of spring. The air was fresh and the mountains were still snow-capped.

These pictures were actually taken with the camera set to “landscape”, a setting I frequently use because I found it takes better pictures than just the normal manual settings.


These dogs were running and barking at me as I walked by. I am just passing by, guys, not an intruder. Calm down.


We’re pretty much surrounded by mountains on all sides and this is pretty much the most boring park I’ve ever been to. No hidden creek, no hidden woods, nothing! Just laps and laps of asphalt.


See what I mean? We’re surrounded!


My shadow which the wind had blown way out of proportion.

Until next time…


7 thoughts on “A Walk in the Park

    1. It was in Austin, Texas where I discovered a park with hidden features. I don’t know how I found it but one day, I just kept walking and walking and it led me to a creek and woods I’ve never known. It was pretty amazing of a park. In China, the park I’ve often gone to was multipurpose. It’s got rides, restaurants. I suppose that’s the equivalent of an amusement park. I guess I like multipurpose parks.

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