Who would I choose?

Today’s Prompt: If you could have any author –living or dead – write your biography, who would you choose?biography1

I don’t think I will choose any author to write my biography. I want to write it myself because I really don’t think anyone can truly portray me as a person except me. Well, except if something like body switching exist, I think I will write it myself because anyone can capture an event perfectly but can they capture an individual person’s thoughts and feelings?

I’ve actually had a classmate write my biography before. It was for a class assignment. She actually did pretty well, so well that my instructor felt sorry for me which is a little embarrassing to talk about. I was going through a bad time. I was stressed both at school and home and my mom was way way way worse than how she is now. My classmate focused on that part and my genetic disorder more than anything else. She kind of made my life sound like a soap opera.

If I wrote my biography myself, I would’ve tuned it down or something. I don’t think I like my life to be so dramatized. I mean look where that landed me, 5 sessions with a psychiatrist.

So thanks for the kind thought of having the author I wish to write my biography, WP but no thanks, I would rather to write it myself.

9 thoughts on “Who would I choose?

  1. If your classmate writing your biography landed you in 5 sessions with a psychiatrist, was this also about the time your mother became better? If so, then it was worth it. ( Personally, it sounds to me like she needs 5 sessions with a psychiatrist).

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    1. Nope, you know, I’m not sure when she became better. I think it’s only last year.
      I know, right? I think she needs a psychiatrist as well to get rid of some feelings she might be bottling up.

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