So Close!

Today’s prompt calls for: Tell us about a time things came this close to working out… but didn’t. What happened next? Would you like the chance to try again, or are you happy with how things eventually worked out?

Finally, a prompt I can answer in the short time that I have today. I’m leaving in a little bit to get my retainers adjusted. It’s time. Can you believe it’s been over two months since I’ve gotten my braces off? Time flies, doesn’t it?

Anyway, back to the prompt. The answer’s easy, October 2013. I took the Fundamental of

My test preparation books

Engineers (FE) exam for the third time. I think I blogged about it at the time since I found this picture in my WP media library. It was a long and difficult exam; 8 hours and 180 questions. Every second counted and you had to know just about everything and anything to pass it. For my major, civil engineering, I only needed to get 50% to pass which was 90 questions.

I thought I did quite well that time. It was two months later in December when I got the results. Failed! I was super pissed because every single job out there required me to pass this damn exam. I felt like something was out to get me. How can I not pass this thing after three time? Most of my classmates passed the second time around and the Chinese international students even passed it the first time. So how can I not pass? Do I suck this much in engineering?

So I went to the detailed report to find the cause. It told me how many I got right in each of the 10 or 12 categories. I pulled out my calculator and punched in the numbers. 85! 85, that was the number of questions I’ve gotten correct and I needed 90. At that moment, I wanted to punch somebody’s lights out. 5 Questions, that was all I needed to pass and those 5 questions killed my chance of getting a job.

Now, of course I could take the exam again but honestly, I don’t even want to study another round for it. The material was too broad and there were too many things I couldn’t even ingest. Also, I hear now that the exam is on the computer and it’s even harder even though they reduced the number of questions from 180 to 110. I don’t think I will ever get my engineering license. At least I graduated, that’s all it matters, right?

5 thoughts on “So Close!

  1. My step daughter kept failing her state boards for being a lawyer. She kept trying and trying, even though each try was a lot of money. She finally passed. Maybe you’ll pass next time, don’t give up.

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  2. It’s a shame to go through all that schooling and not be able to get a job. I think you are doing the right thing. Pushing taking the test again to the back of the todo list and not worrying yourself about it. The time will come when you will know you are ready to take it again and you will pass.

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