Writing 101: Commit to Writing Practice

It took me two days but I finally come up with three songs. These three songs are not the most important, as stated in the exercise but they do have significant importance.

The three songs are…

1. Amazing Grace – I remember practicing day and night on the digital piano to master this piece for my recital, right after I was assigned it, of course. I was going to pick The Entertainer but being the last one in the entire class to pick, the main disadvantage of having a last name begin with the letter Z, someone picked The Entertainer and the only choice remaining was Amazing Grace. It was an incredibly difficult piece to play and even after months of practice, I still failed to play it correctly.

2. Canon in C – This was the first song I learned to play after I got my first keyboard. I learned it because it sounded pretty. I didn’t even know it was the wedding song at the time. I just thought it sound kind of like the song “Graduation (Friends Forever)” by Vitamin C which is one of my favorite songs, heard the song about a hundred times prior to my middle school graduation.

It took me around 6 months to learn just the first few notes and it took me until when I moved to Utah to learn the remainder of the song only to forget the whole thing. I think if I have a digital piano, I would definitely learn it again.

3. Graduation (Friends Forever) – Of course, it has to be my middle school graduation song. I can never get tired of the song, not even after I heard it a hundred times. This song is important because well, it marks the end of my middle school years and the start of the chaos which I call my high school years.

So there is my three songs that mark significance in my life so far.

Have a great day and thanks for reading. 🙂

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