#AtoZChallenge – H For Headphones

I know, such a dumb word I have chosen to represent H.

Anyway, today, I finally put my fist down and went to get a pair of new headphones. My old ones broke last month right before Spring Break but I haven’t got the time or the guts to go purchase a new pair with my mom breathing down my neck and the fact that I didn’t need them.

So why do I need them now?

As many of you know, I got a new job. I think it’s the best job ever and my boss is the most wonderful boss. I mean this job has got all the freedom I want in a job. That include not having my mom barging in every 5 minutes requesting progress. I get the back of the shop all to myself and I love it.

Back to the headphones, since I also work on a computer at work and I discovered that it could be deadly quiet in that big room. You know quiet drives me nuts. That’s why I need the headphones, I plug them into the computer and let the music soothe and keep my boredom at bay.

Today, right before I got home from school, I dropped by Walmart and bought a pair of headphones with the earhook. It didn’t work, I used it for like 10 minutes and I just couldn’t take it. It hurt my ear very much. So right after work, I quickly drove back to Walmart and returned it and then got a new pair, different of course and here it is…


I’ve already put it in my purse and I’ll be taking it to work tomorrow. Hopefully, I won’t have to go back to Walmart again.

Anything you want to ask? Want to know?

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