Unpredictable Transformation

Today’s prompt asks: When the full moon happens, you turn into a person who’s the opposite of who you normally are. Describe this new you.

full-moon-reflectionI’ve heard of legends of transformation during full moon. Okay, mainly werewolves. I’ve been reading too many fantasy novels. Anyway, this is a new one, transforming into a person that’s opposite of what we are.

I don’t use the word normal because I believe no one is normal. Normal is just a relative term for being human. Everyone has some sort of strange traits about them. Like me, I have a genetic disorder. Therefore, I have small hands and just small in general. Thus, I have to do things in different ways than others.

So back to the prompt…

So on every full moon, I am to be the complete opposite of who I am now. Hmm, that mean who I am now plus a lot of makeup which I do not own. The opposite me might be a goth chick.

That’s troubling and scary to hear. Mainly because the new me might cause a lot of trouble. And if she is the opposite of me, then that would mean all my innermost desires will come to life. Uh oh.

A few traits the other me will exhibit:

  • She’s horribly unpredictable. She does not think about the consequences before performing her actions.
  • A Doubtless Party Animal. Definitely a party animal and an extrovert. She will probably be the one that’s riding on top of guys or get on the stage to crash a set because she’s too drunk to care.
  • Socialite. I guess that’s a good thing for someone like me as long as the other me knows the definition of the word, discreet.
  • Does not dress for comfort. This won’t be easy for old me to wake up in. I definitely do not want to wake up wearing tight clothes that expose my belly button.
  • Unafraid to show off to the world. My talents and nothing else.

I think those are all great traits a person can have. Just not all of them together.

So beware, old me: tie me up and lock me in my room if that happens. I do not want the new me to ruin my good record in a single night. Oh and I definitely do not want to wake up in a stranger’s house or worse, jail.

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