Travel Loosely

Today’s prompt asks: What’s your travel style? Are you itinerary and schedule driven, needing to have every step mapped out in advance or are you content to arrive without a plan and let happenstance be your guide?

Personally, I prefer to travel alone because I believe I would see more without anyone pulling me every which way. I can eat when I’m hungry or head back to my accommodation when I like or even take a day off from traveling if I need.

With that said, I’m not exactly schedule driven and I’m definitely not content with arriving at a place without some kind of a plan because then, I would be wandering aimlessly. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. I just prefer to know where I’m headed.

I like to map out my every step loosely. I don’t have I’m supposed to be here between when and when. I just have a list of destinations I want to visit and that’s it. I’m not a tight-what like some people (I don’t want to mention the name). Besides, you’ll never know what will happen along the way. In my opinion, there’s always bound to be something wrong like waiting in line, meal runs overtime, etc.

The last time I planned a trip was 2012 when my family visited. My mom began planning in May that year, two months before the trip. She wanted my help to plan the trip but like usual, she tossed aside every single one of my suggestions.

The original plan involved horseback riding in Bryce Canyon which she kept pronouncing it Bruce Canyon. That was my favorite part of the itinerary but in the end, it had to go.

The reasons were:

  • Too expensive
  • The family don’t know English
  • Horseback riding tour guides don’t speak Chinese
  • Neither of us want to translate.

So Bryce Canyon out.

That left Yellowstone, Zion, Vegas, and LA.  It was a crazy itinerary and in my opinion, the trip was slightly rushed. My mom wouldn’t admit it though, even now. All she cared was the dollar figure.  Everyday, in the 15-seat van, there were eating, arguing, sleeping, and more arguing about stupid things like my uncle misplacing something and blaming his wife. My mother’s side of the family like to argue.

It was a dry summer too and not only I lost my voice, I lost my sleep too. For the duration of the trip, I hardly slept. Mostly because I couldn’t toss and turn with my mother next to me.

Everyday before anyone was awake, we climbed into the van to go to a new destination. There was no day off or even just sit down to rest. I was completely exhausted by the time my family was dropped off at LAX and on their way home that I slept the entire 10-hour ride home the next day.

If I was the trip planner, it would not be like that. I would take it easy and not rush. If a person’s yawning through the trip, then what’s the point, right?

12 thoughts on “Travel Loosely

  1. Great post!!! I am a horrible Type-A planner when it comes to vacations and/or travel in general. Even day trips. I want to know when we are leaving, when we will be back, meals need planned, I want to plan where we are staying, etc., etc. So bad. I’ve been really working on being more spontaneous with travel. Physically painful at times, but I’m getting there!

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