Catching up on Awards

Wow, over the past two weeks, I had so many award nominations that I lost count. So that means it’s time for another award wrap-up. I went back through all the comments and ping backs I received and counted, five (recent) and one from a long while back. I just forgot about it. That makes six nominations! Wow, thanks guys!

So the first and second one is The Creative Blogging Award. Thank you so much, Izzy-Grabs-Life, Nortina MarcielaLrod’s Blog, for nominating me for yet another award.

The rules are to thank the blogger, put up five facts, and nominate 15 to 20 blogs. Wow, that’s a lot. I will save the nominations for another day. As for the five facts, I will combine it with the Infinity Dream Award below and that makes seven facts. Too many awards, have to be flexible.

The second nomination comes from Geethu of Chococurrent and it is the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Thank you so much.

Since this award only require to nominate 10 bloggers, I will save that for another post soon or never. It depends on my level of procrastination.

September 2014The third nomination is from Frederick of Fredtotherick and it is the Sisterhood of World Bloggers Award. Thank you, Frederick.

The rules are to answer the ten questions given by the blogger, come up with 10 other questions of my own, and nominate about 5-10 bloggers. Again, I will save the nominations for later.

versatile-bloggerLast nomination is from Nortina Mariela and it’s a triple nomination as sort of noted wpid-infinitydreamsawardwith the Creative Blogger Award. The Versatile Blogger is from both Nortina and LadyLeeManila. The Infinity Dreams Award is a new one, I shall put that on my Wall of Achievements. Thank you so much, Nortina and LadyLeeManila.

Seven facts about me:

  1. As you read above, I am also a procrastinator. I love to complete stuff early but I often end up doing it at the last minute.
  2. I enjoy writing about Supernatural creatures but lately I seem to enjoy reading Young Adult novels about life and adventures.
  3. I just finished the first draft of my novella. Yay! However, I found out it’s missing a beginning. So now I have to write the beginning and connect all the strings to make sure everything make sense.
  4. I enjoy proofreading things (essays, novels, anything). Is that weird?
  5. I consider myself more American than Asian. Mainly because I have already spent more than half of my life here. Although I’m proud to have Chinese blood in me, it sometimes annoys me that people still consider me to be pure Chinese. Hello? What about the American side?
  6. I’m running out of facts here. Um, I enjoy listening to pop rock, the older the better, and probably a little of the modern EDM. Is that what it’s called? With the DJ mixing the track thing?
  7. My last fact is a wish that my novella will be published and eventually becomes a TV show or a movie. You’ll never know.

Now, for Frederick’s questions:

  1. Which philosophies/quotes/life lessons/cliches/phrases do you find most applicable to you now? Elaborate. When I first stepped off the plane at LAX, my mom told me that all Americans believe in this phrase, “Never say I can’t.” That all I can say. I never thought I can write anything more than a thousand words but look at me now, 20,000+ words. So Never say I can’t. 
  2. What is your worst trait? Definitely procrastinating. I’m not lazy, I just don’t like to do things I hate. 
  3. What age would you like to live to? I’d like to live forever but that will be too boring of a life so maybe 90 or 100?
  4. Which famous person do you think you can swap identities with, without anyone suspecting anything? I don’t want to swap identities with any famous person because what if the camera got me at a bad angle? Then I’d be a joke. 
  5. List out all your hobbies. Blogging, Writing, Reading, Sleeping, Watching TV, Wordsearch, Sudoku, and Jigsaw Puzzles. 
  6. Which of the five sense do you think you cannot live without? Why? Definitely sight. Without sight, there’re no colors. 
  7. In a good cop-bad cop interrogation situation, (google it if unsure) which role would you prefer to play? I’d play the victim. Maybe the two cops will fight and the victim will go free, you’ll never know. 
  8. If you were forced to participate in a talent show, which of your talents would you feature? Probably singing. I’m a high soprano, so I can hit high notes, I guess that’s a talent. 
  9. If you were to choose one- Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry- which would you choose and why? I’d choose fiction because in the end, I know it’s not real. 
  10. What legacy would you like to leave behind? I’d like to see my work published and land in the children reading list or perhaps even made into a TV show. Something with my name on it. 

Thanks for all the nominations, guys. I will take my sweet time to nominate bloggers for each award which more detail will be announced in future posts.

Have a great day! 🙂

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