Quite the Opposite

How did I imagine myself when I was a child?

Portrait of cute young business woman outdoor over building background

I believe the image in my head then was a business suit because that was what I saw my mom and dad wore. Even in the terrible humidity and heat, dad wore a white shirt and slacks. When I looked back at the pictures now, I noticed it too. He’s always wearing slacks. Meanwhile, my mom wore a skirt and a nicely ironed shirt.

I have to say, my view was also inspired by television. There were only two types of shows to watch when I was a child, modern or historic. So it’s similar to now. You’ve got dramedy (drama and comedy) about the ancient times where the actors wore large dresses and wigs. I’m steering off topic here. My point is while I watched a lot of shows about ancient times, I also watch quite a number of shows about the modern times.

My favorite kind to watch was the chronicle of someone’s life. It documented their life, struggles, etc. My favorite part was always the epilogue or the last five minutes of the finale. The main character overcomes whatever struggles and becomes successful. He’s got a job, family, and everything he’s always wanted. That was the way I’ve imagined my adult self except it didn’t end up that way, did it?

I discovered that the reality is quite opposite, that not every dream come true. Some dreams take years of hard work to make it come true. So far, I’m still working on making my dream become reality. Some may call me optimistic while some may call me foolish but I’m choosing to ignore them. I’m stubborn this way. I am not one to give up easily. I will try until I exhaust all efforts. Either way, I am going to make my childhood dream become the reality.

5 thoughts on “Quite the Opposite

  1. Wonderful reflections on the prompt! I love how you imagined dressing like your parents. You never did reveal what your dream is though… I am, of course, curious! Great post!

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    • I don’t really know my real life dream at the moment. My out-of-the-world dream would be to be a writer, to publish a book, turn it into a movie and make big bucks but real life? I am still discovering what I want to do. Thank you for the prompt and for reading. 🙂


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