The Long Route Home

There’s not much to look at out the window today. The sky has decided to be gloomy. It looks like it’s going to rain but when? I have absolutely no idea.

There are also not much to look at beneath my feet either. Most times, it’s just concrete or asphalt. The prettiest ground I’ve seen around here is the Gateway Mall in Downtown Salt Lake but I haven’t been there for about two years and the last time, I didn’t bring my camera with me. Oh well.

Therefore I am going to just share some pictures from my walk yesterday.


Before I left, I went into the backyard to see how the garden is doing. The last time I checked was a few weeks ago. Anyway, I’ve been so busy taking pictures of the garden that I have completely forgotten the mint bushes in the corner. The smell was so pungent as I leaned in for a picture not to mention there are bees everywhere. Well, they don’t call it “The Beehive State” for nothing.


This is a watermelon flower. Mom’s been nagging me to take a picture and send it to my aunt in China.

It is hard to believe that this pretty little flower will very soon become a watermelon. I took this yesterday morning and last night, when mom went out to water the plants, she shrieked, “so many watermelon flowers! We’re going to have so many melon this year!” I was genuinely amazed since I only spotted this single flower just hours earlier.


Of course, my photo walk have to include a picture of the sky. I thought this cloud looked like a funnel.


I walked two laps (1 mile) and half of the third lap before I exited the park through the alley next to my aunt’s house and took another route home. It is the long route, about half mile out of the way but it was well worth it.


This picture has been altered just a tiny bit because the truck’s license plate was showing too clearly but not by much. I just picked the effect that blurred the background just a little.

Overall, I think I made the right choice to take the long route. I think I will take this route again and take more pictures next time.

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