Wild Imagination

I love abandoned places. These are places ordinary people would never visit while there are people like me who would really like to visit without leaving the comfort of our daily lives. I think it is a great place for our imagination to run as wild as a horse on the open plains.

I found this picture while I was surfing pinterest trying to find an inspiring motivating quote to start your day but I think I’ll post this instead. I hope looking at this picture will spark your imagination and help jump start your day. I know it already has for me.

Oh, yes, I am back from my trip. It was awesome and I am exhausted. Apparently I am much more out of shape than I thought. I think I will need a few days to recoup from the trip and catch up on my school work.

I will try to post some pictures. Maybe this weekend.

15 thoughts on “Wild Imagination

  1. I agree that it’s an awe-inspiring building. I looks like an old abbey r cathedral with those windows and very high, arched ceiling. Ruins like this always make the imagination run wild. It’s a pity you can’t find out what and where it is.

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  2. I’m outnumbered by the “spooky” connections. The window at the top right does look like it has a weird head at the top. But I still like a rich father who built this splendid area for his daughter who has to be alone often and he wants to give her a magical castle with creek flowing through it in the Lawns of Lovelyland. Look closely, can’t you see those multicolored fish and miniature mermaids just behind the rocks?! Raised in this environment she becomes so cherished, the prince of the plains comes seeking her hand in marriage but she only agrees if he will come live here and they can be Lord and Lady of Lawns of Lovelyland!

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