Top 10 Posts of 2015

As everyone in the blogging world is counting to 2016, I think I will join in the festivities too.

In recent days, I’ve been feeling a little strung out, like a puppet constantly being every which way. I’ve tried meditation, exercising, and lying down inhaling and exhaling. Nothing worked. I feel irritated and anxious not to mention it’s causing a minor blockage in my writing. That’s probably why I haven’t been posting as much as I like.

Anyway, as you know, a few days ago, I celebrated my 1000th posts. Therefore, I think I should do a Top 10 countdown of most view post of 2015. Before I begin, I just want to thank everyone for reading my posts and visiting my blog. You’ve made my year!DSCF0628

At #10, it is a fairly recent post, “Second Win.” It was posted October 11, 2015 and it recounts a triumphant week with two wins with a beautiful shot of sunset. Me winning doesn’t happen a lot.marbles-2-carolyn-coffey-wallace

At #9, it is one of the oldest posts to make the countdown. Throwback Thursday: Marbles and Chopsticks was posted July 11, 2014. It recounts my adventure with a fun game of marbles when I was in second grade. The game is picking marbles with chopsticks which requires a steady hand. I am quite surprised that this post became such a popular posts among readers. BusyMan

At #8, An Offer I badly Want to Refuse is a story I wrote in February about how my aunts yelled at me for being so stupid to refuse my former boss’s offer. I have a damn good reason for refusing to work like a dog for $15 an hour. It wasn’t at all worth it. Still, mom was adamant on me accepting the offer. So I reluctantly did. DSCF0623

At #7, My Happy Place was posted on October 11, 2015 about my love for clouds. Unfortunately, in the recent days, I’ve been unable to go to my happy places when I look at clouds.


At #6, Tears, can’t live without, just have to live with it is a post I wrote on New Year Eve, 2014 about my mother’s inability to cry. Seriously, I have never seen her cry for real once. I’ve seen her mock cry and that’s one of the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen.Autumn-patterns

At #5, I believe 3 Reasons I Love the Fall was one of the most popular post in 2014. Written on the first day of Autumn in 2014, I state my three reasons for loving the fall. superexcel

At #4, Excel: Not For Dummies was written in February of this year. It’s complaint on how frustrating Excel is sometimes. Seriously, Excel is not dummies. Mark-Twain-Inspiring-Quotes

At #3, it was my first time doing the 3 day 3 quote challenge back in June. I must admit, it’s a pretty good quote. Very inspirational.

zappa-funny-inspirational-quotesAt #2, I can’t laugh or joke. No joke! was written sometime in May of 2015. It’s about how I am not allowed to laugh at home. If I do, mom will make a ton of assumptions about how I’m being lazy and not working.


My most-viewed post of 2015 is What is Love?. How this post became the most-viewed post is terrifying. This post was published in March and this happened in August (5 months later). It was as if my blog was under attack, that day. Someone(s) just kept viewing that post and I accumulated 218 views that August day and the next day, 190 views. It was scary how it happened but in the process, this post racked up a total of 547 views.

I’d like to thank everyone again for following me on my adventures and reading my experiences and other stories. I wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope I can do this for another year.

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