A-Z Challenge 2016: I for Intuition

Intuition Quote

This quote makes me wonder. Is this why the world is separated into good and bad people? I know there’s a good and a bad side within all of us but do bad people exist because they tend to listen to the bad within them while good people do the opposite? Honestly, I don’t think so. I know that some bad people have known to do some good things while some good people have known to do some very horrible things. The difference between them is that one gets caught and the other doesn’t.

Okay, I don’t claim to be a goodie-two-shoe my whole life, I admit I have done some mischievous things and when I did those things, I was defying my intuition. I never got caught though, yet or maybe my gut is holding out that I might one day do what it says.

What do you think? Can you relate? Please share.

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19 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge 2016: I for Intuition

  1. Ah the intuition vs rational debate. Is it not a very similar idea to the concept of the ego and the id? I personally don’t think the humane psyche is a clear cut good and bad, there are shades of grey. People often do bad things for the right reason and vice versa, the road to help is said to be paved with good intentions but I wonder if the road to hell is actually paved with consequences.

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    1. Hmm, interesting insight and I agree, some people do bad things for the right reasons, it just depends on the perspective. At least I tend to feel that way whenever I decide that the thing I’m doing is in a way bad.

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      1. It all boils down to the long game… ha I am curious to your mischievous side. Most of my youthful misdemeanours will no doubt be told in comic asides. Though the time a bunch of us accidentally stole a steam train is comedy film material

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      2. Haha, mine will no doubt be told in a drama where I’m the villain for hiding things from my parents and friends but in my mind, I think I did all those things to get attention because I often felt invisible among everyone.

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      3. Oh no, nothing like. My friends used to come over for tutoring and on break, they would play the same games over and over and I didn’t like being the loser every time, so I hid the game and told them I didn’t know where it went. I also told a lot of lies, trying to keep some situations in my favor.

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