A-Z Challenge 2016: R for Reminiscence


Very true. I used to write quite a bit about my middle school and high school years while not a lot about my college years. It’s because my college years went by in a blink of an eye. I didn’t participate in any events. All I experienced were piles of homework, test after test, problem after problem, and oh, rush hour. I hate rush hour because everywhere is crowded and everything seems to move at half-speed during rush hour. The buses come 15 minutes late while the train still departs at the same time. Add blowing snow and below freezing temperatures, one just want to punch something or somebody when they missed the train and have to wait 30 minutes for another one. Oh, did I mention the train station is open-aired?

See, no one want to remember those sour memories, am I right?

That’s why I choose to reminisce my middle school days, everyday is a warm spring day in SoCal when I get to lay on the grass beneath the tree everyday after lunch, laughing with some classmates. It felt awesome. What about the times when I had a posse? Sure, it wasn’t for long and I had no clue what I was doing but hey, I enjoyed having supporters. Oh, and what about the time in high school when a boy has a crush on me and I felt the same way? We were too afraid to admit it to each other and the relationship was doomed because I was moving. Still, that time was great.

See? Those were good times and even though I often wish things had gone differently, if you ask me, I think that’s why I often reminisce about those days.

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11 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge 2016: R for Reminiscence

  1. Curiously enough my school and college memor preferences are quite the reverse, college was far more a happy time for me, and like you I had to face public transport at rush hour a lot Secondary School was certainly not a happy time..

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  2. The more I try and remember the “old days”… the more my brain seems to recall unpleasant times and experiences… failures rather than accomplishments… sorrow rather than joy. Why? Who knows? I’m sure psychologists have a label for it… and psychiatrists probably have a pill for it… but that’s just the way things are. So…. I try not to reminisce much… it gets too depressing. I admire you… and all those who can select the good times to think about.


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    1. We all remember our pasts in different ways, for me, I choose to omit the terrible times because thinking of those times would only make me angry and angry, for me, is not good. Trust me, there were a lot of bad times as well but remembering them just angers me because it just reminded me that I can’t change any of it.


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