A-Z Challenge 2016: S for Strong

Strength Quote

Of all the letter that I’ve done so far, I actually had the toughest time with the letter “S”. Mainly because there are so many words I can use for “S” and not a lot of quotes that stood out. Also, I’ve been crazy busy this week. I’ve been the A-Z challenge a week head but this week, I stopped at “R” and concentrated on my Final exam and marketing plan. I just completed one of my Final Exams yesterday and turned in my marketing plan. Phew! I can finally breathe for a minute.

I did okay on my first Final, by the way, at least, it will get me a good grade. As for my marketing plan, I completed that in 2 days, a total of over 5,000 words written over the course of two days. I think that’s a record. And at the moment, I feel like I’m on pins and needles waiting for the grade to be posted for the marketing plan. I feel like I’ve done poorly on it. I feel like I didn’t follow the instructions. After all, with a non-existing business, someone would have to be a really good storyteller to market the business.

Onto the quote!


After scouring all over Google and Pinterest, I finally found a quote that stood out to me. This quote stood out like a neon light because I think it applies to a lot of people.

I began this blog initially to complain because I had no one to talk to and there were so much sh** happening in my life at the time. I had three jobs, full-time school, and a boss who wouldn’t leave me alone. He would call at anytime he want, early morning, night time, whenever. And don’t get me started about his wife. My mom and I, me mostly, were constantly shuttling his family around. I was his interpreter, not his driver. I was responsible for his bills and almost everything else. I barely had time to do my school work.

So I was cranky and irritated all the time because I had all that anger trapped inside me and couldn’t get out. When I told my mom, she’d snap back at me, “Well, so am I.” Oh, did I mention we had an international student living in our home at the time? It was horrible.

So I turned to blogging. Through blogging, I met quite a few bloggers who faced similar problems as me and for the first time, I got some sympathy and through that sympathy, I think I became stronger.

Also, through blogging, I discovered storytelling and how easy it is to be a published writer which I’m sure will eventually take me on an extraordinary journey. I’m currently compiling a short story collection. I don’t know when I’ll done with my school, work, and all but I’m looking forward to the day when it’s complete because that day is when my new adventure will begin.

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