Abstract Photography

I hit a bump in this week’s photo challenge because of the word, Abstract. I have no clue what it means when it comes to taking a picture. Abstract painting, I know what that means.

So I had to Google and look at some examples. It turned out abstract photography is all about randomness. Patterns, shapes, whatever and it turned out, the coolest part is the purpose: to get people asking what they are looking at. That is what I’m intend to do with my photographs this week.

Now my question to you is: Do you know what you’re looking at?


The above picture was taken at the rental property right after we evicted our tenants. They destroyed almost every part of the house. It took us a month to make the house sort of new again. The day our tenants left, while my mom was at work, she ordered me to stand at the house with the sheriff to watch the tenants move. I felt scared and pathetic because I couldn’t help even if I wanted to and the tenants were druggies, smokers, and all muscles. Before you ask, I have no clue why she rented the house to such horrible people.

After some time, mom called again, this time, I’m to go home, grab a camera, and take a picture of every piece of damage they’ve done to the house. This was taken on the master bedroom wall. I didn’t realize I took the picture after I went home and reviewed it on my computer. I turned it black and white before posting it to Instagram. I think it looks like a sad girl in a feather dress, don’t you think so?

Abstract 3

This image was taken at Soldier Field in Chicago. I didn’t know that the stadium was where the Chicago Bears played until I went on a group tour on my last day in Chicago last year. It was so cool we got to step onto the field of a football stadium. I’ve never done it before.

Abstract 2

If you look closely at the picture, it will look kind of obvious. The white stuff is snow and the holes are made from water falling from the tree branches.

Abstract 4

Enough winter for now. It’s time for spring. I took this several days ago before the wind began howling and the rain began falling, destroying all the beautiful blooming tulip flowers, at least the roses and dahlias haven’t bloom yet.

I’ve always been interested in seeing the inside of a flower. The inside of the flower is like its internal organs, isn’t it? That’s why every flower is different. I wonder what those three nodules in the middle are and why some has three and some has four nodules?

Abstract 5

I bet you don’t know what flower this is from.

Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Abstract

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