A-Z Challenge 2016: V for Vision


Okay, reading this quote makes me feel dumb. On this blog, I’ve written almost repeatedly about finding myself but this quote is saying the complete opposite.So I’m going to put a little twist in this quote to make it true. “Life is about finding yourself while creating yourself.” In my opinion, I believe we create ourselves through discovering ourselves. Do you agree?

As I’ve written many times before, I am an overly optimistic person and often, like after I went through a job interview, I’d get visions of how my life will change for the better but it often results in disappointment because I don’t get hired. To apply my version of the quote to this situation, by discovering I didn’t get the job, I’d create a better version of myself for my next job interview.

I think my version of this quote applies to my writing journey as well. By discovering I’m good at storytelling, I’ll begin creating stories.

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