Liebster Award Part 2

Here is the second nomination for Liebster Award, an award I have received on multiple occasions.

June 2014

This set of questions comes from: iballrtw. Thank you iballrtw. Go check out his/her excellent blog! Here are the rules:

  • Display an image of the award and write about your nomination.
  • Thank and link the person who nominated you for this award.
  • Answer the 11 questions prepared for you by the blogger who nominated you.
  • Reveal 11 random facts about the nominee. (See my 50 Facts page)
  • Nominate 5-11 awesome bloggers who you think deserve this award, and create 11 questions of your own for your nominees to answer.
  • List these guidelines in your blog post.

This isAnother Story 11. Are you happy with the name of your blog? If you could change the name without losing any followers, what would the new name be?

I think for once, I’m pretty happy with the name of my blog. This blog has been “This is Another Story” since December of 2015, before that, it was “A Simple Life” for I think over a year. “This is Another Story” finally represents what this blog is about and I would not change it.

2. How long have you been blogging on WordPress? Have you tried other blogging sites?

I have been blogging on WordPress since 2013. My blog turned 3 in February. Yay! And no, I have not tried other blogging sites.

3. Have you taken any classes in blogging? If so, could you recommend any of the classes?

I took all the Blogging University course from Daily Post except the Writing 201 courses and yes, I would recommend everyone to take those courses. It’s a great networking opportunity, get to socialize with other bloggers, and a chance to expand the blog.

4. How often do you post to your blog?

I post daily. Sometimes, once a day and sometimes, twice a day. I mostly do scheduled posts now since I’m often away from the computer, at work, or on the road.

5. Have you ever written a post that no one viewed?

Good question. I’m not sure, have to go check my stats but I’m pretty sure that I have written a post that no one has viewed. It’ll most likely be from my early days of blogging, when I was over-tagging my posts.

6. What subjects are the easiest to write about?24170c71649f05b19843632d69e86ef5

This is something I used to tell all my students: the easiest subject to write is yourself. No one knows you better than you know yourself. I was teaching them English writing and to my disappointment, most of them came up blank other than where they’re from and their age.

7. If a famous (or not-so-famous) author could ghostwrite for you, who would you pick?

I would definitely pick some old 18th or 19th century author like Charlotte Bronte. I like how detail these authors are and the descriptions just paint such elegant pictures.

8. How often do you include pictures in your posts?

Oh, always. Other than words, pictures are the most important part of the post. Without pictures, searches would have a hard time indexing the post. I signed up with Google Webmaster and got error message for those posts without pictures or featured image. So pictures are important.

9. If you could have any camera, which one would you choose? Why?

I just got a new camera for last Christmas. It’s a 20.1 MP Sony point-and-shoot. It’s a good camera but not enough features for me to play with. So I think I’d like a DSLR camera to play with.

10. Do you enter challenges? If so, which challenges are your favorites?

Of course. I enter a lot of challenges and I’ve listed all the links to the challenges on Behind This is Another Story page.

11. If Hollywood made a movie based on your blog, would the movie be an action film, a comedy, or a documentary? What famous actor would have the leading role?

It would be a documentary, filled with laughs, cries, and drama. It’ll be real, nothing dramatized. As for actors and actresses, I’m not sure. I don’t watch a lot of movies and when I watch TV, I don’t pay attention to the credits. I just pay attention to the story.

4 thoughts on “Liebster Award Part 2

  1. Wow, you have been at wordpress for quite long, such people are inspiring and we can learn a lot from them. This was an en-joyful read and i am glad to have come across your blog on my day 41. Cheers to new friendship! – Cezane

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