A Wet 2016 Spring


This has been one wet spring. It’s been raining almost every single day and if the sky’s not raining, it’s gray and the grayness often drives me insane. The last time I experienced such a wet spring was 2007, when I was still in Texas but that’s different. Texas is plains, Utah is desert. Deserts aren’t supposed to rain, deserts are supposed to be sunny and hot and dry. Maybe the world is changing.

Anyway, this horrible weather had given me barely enough time to adore the beautiful flowers that have blossomed in my neighborhood. I haven’t even had the chance to visit the park before another wind storm hit and destroyed all the flowers.

This picture above is from one of the rare sunny days in April. These are Asian pears blossoms from the backyard. I don’t know how my mom prune trees each year. When spring comes, flowers sprouts along the trunk of the tree instead of in specific places like a normal tree.


The plum tree in the front yard was the first to blossom and the flowers were gone two weeks later when a wind storm hit the area. After the plums came the Asian pears in the backyard (pictured above). These stayed for about a week or so before another wind storm hit followed by hail and rain. Here is one more picture of the blossoms.


As the ephemeral Asian pear blossoms came and went, the apple began to blossom and boy, did they come.

DSC00556It was like every flower on the apple tree was waiting for the right time to bloom. It was like it was counting down by the second. It was like a head flower was calling the shot. “All right everybody, we bloom in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!”

We were very surprised when we came home one sunny day and found the apple tree full of flowers. Immediately, my mom determined, “We’re going to have a lot of apples this year.” If all of the blossoms successfully turn to a fruit, I thought, rolling my eyes.

Less than a week later, we were hit by another wind storm and once again followed by hail and rain. Well, there went the apples. When the rain finally stopped and the sky is blue again, we stepped out into the backyard. All the flowers had gone from the trees, its petals blew away by the wind, replacing it with these little apple buds.


And here are the Asian pears:


Mother Nature,

Please give me some sunny days? I’ve had enough with the gray depressing skies and the roller coaster temperatures. Hot and cold, hot and cold, you’re going to get me sick. I don’t mind the rain but at least stop with the gray skies. 

Daily Post Photo Challenge – Earth

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