Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Smiles


Readers, you should know, I don’t usually share pictures of myself in my posts because I don’t take pictures of me or do I really allow anyone else to take my picture, not anymore. That’s why my Gravatar only change like once a year.

However, since this challenge calls for “smiles” and since I don’t take pictures of other people, I had to dig some pictures out of my archives. Therefore, we are going to do a little time travel this week.

These pictures were scans, by the way. There were no digital films back then, over plastic rolls.

Anyway, this is me when I was five (late 1996 – early 1997). Still looks pretty much the same twenty years later. That was one of two professional photo shoots I have ever been in. The second one was for my high school graduation. The first photo shoot lasted almost the whole day while the one for my high school graduation lasted about ten minutes.

As fun as it sounds, posing for pictures can be exhaustive. I remember that day well. After all, it was a special day. I had two outfits for my first photo shoot. One was the white dress you see in this post and the other was a magenta dress which you can see on the About Me page.


This picture has an awkward smile all due to the reason I was wearing the dress that changed my life. It made me to never want to wear a dress ever again not unless it was a very formal event. You wouldn’t believe how uncomfortable that dress was. The entire thing made me itch. When it was my mom’s turn to shoot, I was scratching. Even now, when I think back on that dress, hairs stand on my back. Never ever wear anything made of nylon.


Finally, most of you’ve seen this picture if you’ve visited the About me page. This was taken in January of 1996. I was 4 years old. I was in the park goofing around and somehow got the idea to put a stem of grass between my lips and my mom found it funny enough to snap a picture. She took a lot of pictures in the old days which now sit in a five-gallon container in the basement.

If you ask me to repeat this pose today, I would not because I’m grown up now, I don’t randomly put things in my mouth.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

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