Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Legs and Feet


I took this picture one day on my way home from work about one year ago. It was hot that day so I had to wear my exercise shorts to work. My boss doesn’t mind. I’m not the worst dresser to work. I’ve seen my colleague wear a shirt full of holes in awkward places and in his defense, he didn’t even know until I pointed it out. Guys can’t notice anything.

Anyway, this picture was originally posted for a weekly photo challenge but since this is my only “feet” picture, I’ll just re-post it for newer readers.

Yesterday, as I arrived home from school, I noticed for the first time that the vines with the little white flowers had once again come out to play. Every summer, around August, these vines would start circling the neighborhood, attaching itself to lawns and chain link fencing. It drives me absolutely nuts because I’m the one that have to untangle them and pull them from the ground. I could never find the root to this thing. Yeah, sure, the white flowers are pretty to look at but do I really want it scattered all over the lawn?

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

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