I struggled with this week’s Photo Challenge. That’s why I’m posting in the last minute. I struggled because I don’t know how to represent the concept of fun in a photograph. It’s not like I have people to have fun with me. I’m alone most of the time because I choose to be. Being with people, I often get the feeling that they don’t understand me. They don’t understand the things I talk about like when I talk about meditation, they’re like “huh?”

Therefore, I’ve come up with my very own concept of fun. My concept of fun is doing what makes me comfortable, what makes me laugh, and it does not involve people.


Taking a photograph is fun especially during the editing phase when I get to try out different filters in Pixlr to see what looks the best. Then post to my blog. Then once in a while, I’d get to browse the photographs and be awed by the photograph all over again.


Taking a macro photograph is also fun. I get to test my patience like when I do jigsaw puzzles. I get to try out different angles and distance to see what works and what doesn’t. Each time I do a macro shot, I’d end up with a dozen or so blurry shots and then one that’d leave me admiring it for a while. Shooting macro is much more fun than shooting landscape. Don’t you think so?

Daily Post Weekly Challenge – Fun!

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