The Waiting Game

As I told my curious reader in the comments of Is the Universe Working Against Me?, I am going to see a dermatologist today. Well, I went.

'Let me know if it works - I'll try some on the roses!'

The hospital was enormous and it was probably the second largest hospital I’ve ever been to, the first was the University of Utah Hospital when I went in for my jaw surgery consultation. It took me a while for me to find the dermatology clinic which was tucked in the back.

I got called in very fast and within 5 minutes, I was greeted by the doctor. It was one of the shortest waits ever for an appointment. I bet I knew what the doctor’s first impression of me was. This little Asian girl sitting in the corner with her tablet. Where are her parents? Does she speak English? 

The doctor asked if I spoke English and if I needed an interpreter. I politely declined. I am an interpreter myself and for an interpreter to need an interpreter, that’s funny. I laughed mentally at that joke while she examined my face.

Less than a minute later, she threw a name at me, “Rosacea”. I was like what? “It’s most likely it’s brought on by your thyroid.” She explained. “And you might have the rare form called Pyroderma Faciale.”

Great, just when I thought my thyroid is under control, it’s gone psychotic again. I pointed out I got some blood work done and my doctor still hasn’t given me a call back and she said she was telling me based on blood work. “Oh,” was all I could say as she began tossing prescription names at her assistant.

Low-dosage antibiotic, face cream, and topical cream, all have to be mailed to me. I guess I’ll add that to my growing collection of prescription medication.

I am to return to see her at the end of this month (September) and she said if I’m not better then, she’ll have to biopsy my face. No!

I was like “aren’t you sure?” But no doctors are sure of anything, are they? They just have their patients be guinea pigs and try pill after pill until they’re cure.  At least this doctor didn’t throw the “c” word at me.

I guess now I’ll be good and take my medication and pray that in three weeks, I’ll be all better and the doctor won’t have to take a knife to my face. Hence, the waiting game begins.

I’ll keep you updated as this thing progresses.

28 thoughts on “The Waiting Game

  1. I have suffered from various skin issues my entire life. At 14 I missed my summer holiday due to a severe outbreak of Psoriasis leaving me bed ridden. A lot of skin creams are very good these days and I have kept most skin issues at bay after a few years on a few highly specialised creams.

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  2. Oh Yinglan I hope the creams work. I know Clinique has a cream especially for Rosacea and there skincare and creams are excellent! You might want to them out and some other brands on the market. I know Clinique even has a special foundation for skin which gets red. But hopefully, your prescription creams works and are covered so you don’t have to pay much for them.

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  3. When you’re ready and have the time ~ detox. From time to time you need to remove the toxins such as antibiotics and the other medications you’re ingesting. Then start eating healthier. May what she prescribed works out for you for good!! 💕

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  4. I wouldn’t experiment just now. From what I’ve read about the disease, the prescription cream should work within a month. As I understand it, it could be caused by your thyroid problems but doesn’t have to mean that the problems have come back. I hope you’re among the 88% where the cream does work quickly. Looks like you could use some rest and peace of mind too. I’m not a medical doctor but from what you write, I’d think you’re in good hands. I wish you quick recovery. In any case this sounds a lot less scary than Lupus.

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    1. I hope I’m among the 88% too. When I have health problems, they tend to be the rare kind even rosacea, the doctor said I don’t look like a typical rosacea case. I Googled the disease and she was right, I don’t look anything like a rosacea patient. But I’m definitely glad she doesn’t think it’s lupus.


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