Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – Heading Westward

This post is somewhat like part two of my trip to Bonneville and I think one of the major takeaways from the trip is that there are perks to sitting in the back. With my mom and aunt yammering in the front seats, I was like invisible in the back. I got to take pictures, read a book on the kindle, and surf the 3G web when available.


I was quite surprised how clear this picture came out. The road was slightly bumpy and I had lean as forward as my seat belt allowed and with the camera on 10-times digital zoom, I took this picture blindly.


This is the sign of the salt flats. Unfortunately, we couldn’t take the car on the salt flat to test its speed since a lot of the land had submerged under water. It didn’t matter, seeing the breath-taking scenery was more than enough.


Here is the graffiti sign of the Bonneville Salt Flats International Speedway, at least the sign didn’t get flooded.  This sign and the sign in the previous picture is located about 7 miles apart.


After the salt flats, we continued westward across the border to West Wendover, Nevada where we had a fast-food lunch as well as participate in some gambling. I lost mostly. I began with 10-dollars, two casinos and seven penny slot machines later, I only had  $1.49 remaining. Oh well, perhaps it’s true what they say, “what happened in Vegas stays in Vegas.” Maybe I left my gambling luck there.

Anyway, my mom needed her coffee to endure the two-hour drive back. Therefore, we stopped at a gas station and while we waited, I noticed this sign and it turned out, the sign is the border between Utah and Nevada. So I was so close to having one foot in two states. 😀

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge

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