Snowy Monday


I woke up to the noise of snow plow this morning as my neighbor broke out his plow for the first time this winter season. Immediately, I rolled out of bed and ran to the window. Outside looked white and a mess. I groaned, wishing I didn’t have to go to school today. Maybe I don’t. I grabbed my tablet and checked my email, crossing my fingers that I’d get an email about the university closing for the day. Nope. School was still open and with the snowy weather, I’d have to leave extra early. Ugh!

After a change into my winter clothes, I dragged myself downstairs for some breakfast while catching up on the blogs.

As soon as I got to the main road, I knew today’s drive wouldn’t be easy. For one, there was no way I was going to take my usual route because that would require a four-wheel-drive and for another, just look at those roads! It’s all snowy and slushy.

It took me an hour for me to reach the classroom and by then, I didn’t want to walk anymore. There were so much slush accumulated beneath my boots that I felt like I was dragging a ton of bricks with my feet. So I decided to stop for a minute and snap a few pictures.


By the time I got out of class, the snow had become intermittent, flurries here and there. It was frustrating to say the least because every time I opened my umbrella, the flurries stopped. “Hell with it.” I finally muttered beneath my breath, opened my umbrella, and carefully waded through the inches of wet slush to the shuttle stop.


I waited a few minutes before pulling out my camera, in case the shuttle decided to make its appearance. It was through the lens of the camera I realized there was no mountain to see today. The clouds had almost completely covered the mountain. The only thing to see was the base of the mountain.

The shuttle finally made its appearance shortly after taking this picture. It was super warm on the bus that I felt as though I was melting and that I had returned to summer but ten minutes later, after I hopped off the shuttle, winter, I’m back.

The trip back home was uneventful but I am grateful I got to school and home safely today. The snow still hasn’t stop as I’m writing this post but it looks like it’s time to go out to clean the driveway and the sidewalk. I sure hope the school’s sidewalks are clean, otherwise, it’s going to turn to ice tonight.

19 thoughts on “Snowy Monday

    1. It looks like this winter’s going to be harsh. I hope the sun will melt the snow here but it looks like it might not today since the temperature is in the 20’s.


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