It Can’t Be!

It all started last Saturday when I woke up with a burning sensation in my throat. Quickly, I reached for a bottle of water from my desk and downed the entire bottle. The burning seemed to be better but it was still there. I’m not getting a cold, am I? I wondered. I can’t be. Not now, I have finals and graduation next week! I spent that day in a study room at school, busy getting the final presentation done and over with while rain poured from the gloomy sky.sick-comic-1

Sunday was a beautiful day. My sore throat was gone. We went to church and shopping and everything was all right. Maybe I’m not getting a cold after all. Maybe my body was playing a sick joke on me. Maybe the sore throat was a psychological sore throat.

Then Monday came, I woke up with the worst headache and a stuffy nose that wouldn’t get un-stuffed. You got to be kidding me! First it’s going to snow on graduation day now this? In the least word possible, I have a cold. Unbelievable!

I can’t remember the last time I had a cold. I haven’t been “real” sick in over 8 years. My past illness had always been drug-induced. Once I stopped taking the culprit medication, my illness was gone. Not this time. I’m pretty sure the culprit is one of my classmates and with my elevated white blood cell count, I became vulnerable.sick-comic

This is how I feel right now but I don’t have the luxury to do so. I still have one more final exam which I’m hoping to get it done this afternoon. Then I have to watch and evaluate five more presentations from my other class. I will be glad when I make it through my four-hour graduation ceremony on Friday and let’s cross our fingers that my it’s only a stuffy nose and there won’t be fever.

21 thoughts on “It Can’t Be!

  1. Cold’s are the worst! I got a cold in September and started taking Zicam as soon as I felt it coming on. It made my cold much less than it would have been. In fact, I could barely feel it. That stuff is great!

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    1. I know! They are the absolute worst. I’ve been beginning to feel a bit better which is good. I don’t like to take cold medication especially when I’m already on a few prescription medications. I’m afraid of the effect it’ll have on me.


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