Old Buildings, New Shops


I came here a lot as a child when I lived in China. This is a street used specifically by pedestrians. This street is called, 步行街, which literally translates to “Walking street”. All of the buildings on this street have been deemed historical landmark. Other than a layer of fresh paint and regular maintenance, these old buildings look good as new. The first floor of the buildings have been converted to modern 21st century shops. This was the place I would go shopping for clothes when I was young.

These well-known statues stand at the mouth of 步行街 and as you see in the picture, this street was marked as part of the tourism zone. Just about everyone who visit Zhongshan must take a picture with these guys. My aunt has a picture of my step-dad at this very spot eleven years ago.


This building was once a grand hotel but no more, it is now the home of a pharmacy and several other shops.

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