Road Trip!


I am going on a road trip. Yay! Starting tomorrow and I will be back on Friday. This week will be full of scheduled post – some new, some old posts deserving a second glance. I am not entirely sure if I will have a decent wi-fi access even though I will be staying in a pretty nice hotel. I might be able to check in and reply to comments if my iPhone has a decent 3G signal but that’s just about it. I won’t try to read any posts with that tiny screen. I will try to catch up with my tablet though.

The place I am heading…

The Glass Bridge in ZhangJiaJie.


I am heading there via high speed train. I hope I will have the guts to get on the bridge. Crossing my fingers.

See you all back here in a week with lots of new memories and pictures!

10 thoughts on “Road Trip!

  1. OMG I tried to do the glass lookout over the western Grand Canyon, couldn’t get myself even close. We do have one in Alberta I think by the Columbia Ice Fields (I think near where you’ll be when you visit Canada), but that looks hugely terrifying. Do you just walk across it. Or do cars drive across it? I’d love to stand out on this one or one if the lookouts I mentioned someday. My body doesn’t seem to get the message though. Good luck I know you’re braver 😊

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