A Special Necklace

This is the Buddha jade necklace my grandma gave as a gift and it’s been around my neck ever since. I took it off a few times at the beginning because I felt like I was betraying God by wearing a Buddha around my neck. It turned out this has little to do with religion. It turned out, it’s customary in China for the elderly (grandparents) to present the girl with a Buddha and 观音(Goddess of Mercy) for the boy to ensure they have a long and healthy life and that they always come home in one piece.

So it’s a security charm and I’m okay with that.

This is quite an expensive necklace though. My grandma told me she spent over $1000 Chinese Yuan on it. She told me the necklace itself is made of white gold. My first impression was since when does my grandma spend so much money on her grandchildren? Then I recently learned when my grandpa was alive, he took 90% of my grandma’s retirement pay each month. Now that he’s gone, she’s getting 100% of her retirement pay again and it turns out, my grandma is not one bit the person I thought she was. She is actually this generous sweet lady who care very much about her grandchildren’s happiness.

I’m saying goodbye to her and everyone next week as it will be my last week in China. Until next time I return, Grandma, cousin, and all the other relatives!

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18 thoughts on “A Special Necklace

    1. Yeah, it was very generous of her. I think if my grandpa was here, I’ll probably get a red string that goes with the jade instead of an expensive necklace.


      1. Right but it doesn’t count as a religion. Buddhists don’t believe in the concept of a soul or God (and I think the afterlife.)

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