Dangerous Act

When I saw the topic for this week’s photo challenge, I went scratching my head. Do I even have pictures that shouts danger!? At first, I thought about going out into the garden and take some pictures of the rose’s thorns. After all, that’s dangerous to touch, right? But then, as I browsed my archive, I found these.

At the start of the show, the guide told us this man was in his seventies and he’s been doing this act his entire life. He doesn’t look very old for a seventy-year-old man, I thought. I took my seat on the front row, unaware of the act involving any danger. The drum began pounding in the background as the guide encouraged the audience to clap along.

In the corner, the performer grabbed something, I couldn’t see it at first but a moment later, I realized he was holding three axes in his hands. Seeing those axes, I suddenly wanted to move to the back row, afraid of the axes might land on me.

At last the act was over or at least I thought when he put the axes away and grabbed something. Oh my gosh, they’re cleavers as in the kind of knife my cousin had used to injure my hand when we were kids. I gulped and leaned slightly backward. As I waited for this dangerous show to end, I tried to forget these were cleavers and tried to think of them like marshmallows or something happy.

When I saw this picture in my archive, my imagination went wild. What if the knife at the top had a mind of its own? It would hurl itself at the old man and that wouldn’t be good for anyone. But alas, the cleaver’s just an inanimate object and the performer is a skilled one. Phew!

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8 thoughts on “Dangerous Act

  1. (ʘᗩʘ’) There’s a Chinese grocery in Sacramento with a great traditional butchery in the back. I love their BBQ pork… but I can’t watch as the woman there uses the cleaver just millimeters from her fingers! Juggling them? No way!!!

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