Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Isolated Subjects

After spending the last week visiting four of Canada’s amazingly beautiful national parks, I’ve encountered plenty of animals – birds, bears, deer, big horn sheep, and mountain goats. Here’s one of them. My aunt had stopped the car just passed the Saskatchewan River Outlook on Highway 93 or Icefields Parkway. I didn’t want to get out because she parked half the car on the cliff.

As I sat there waiting, I took pictures of the mountains from the car and then all of the sudden, this raven landed on the hood. I was scared, not of the bird but that the bird might scratch the hood with its sharp talons. The car’s a rental and a ding and I’ll lose my deposit.

When my aunt returned, she looked amazed and began taking pictures and videos of the bird. I felt so annoyed. It was almost 8 PM and I was starving and tired. Besides, it’s just a bird. 😒

Here’s a deer we spotted from the road. Every time my aunt spotted an animal, I would start holding everything I hold dear because here comes the screeching brakes.

I was at Lake Minnewanka yesterday photographing the beautiful serene blue-green water as well as watching a photo shoot in progress from the distance when out of nowhere came this speeding boat breaking up the calm waters.

Well, I’m off to Waterton Lakes today.

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

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