Unusual Sightings and Landscapes at Yellowstone

During the last days of my 15-day road trip in May, I traveled to Yellowstone in hopes that I would run into some sunshine and good weather there but instead, I encountered cold weather and snow, which made the geysers more smoky than usual, causing me some great photographic opportunities.

The second day, after a light breakfast, my aunt and I cranked up the heat in the car and entered Yellowstone from the west entrance. The first ten miles or so was like entering into a winter wonderland. Every tree was covered in snow and everywhere was icy and white. I drove on only to encounter a herd of bison crossing the road. What a sight!

It was my first time to see so many bison at once. I immediately rolled down the window and demanded my camera. Then I click, click, clicked away.

After spending a few minutes admiring the bison, I drove on, mainly because cars are catching up behind me and I hate to annoy drivers. I drove to the next destination, Midway Geyser Basin.

It was still snowing when we reached Midway Geyser Basin though it wasn’t snowing as hard as when we left the bison. The temperature had even risen to 32°F (0°C). However, due to the cold temperature and weather, the visibility of the geysers were very low as smoke dominated the scene.

I would say these would be classified as unusual landscapes, don’t you agree?

Just look at this from my perspective, if I hadn’t told you these were taken at Yellowstone, would you believe these were taken from somewhere other than Earth?

How about this? Doesn’t this somewhat resemble Mars?

Daily Post Photo Challenge – Unusual

17 thoughts on “Unusual Sightings and Landscapes at Yellowstone

  1. Lovely pictures! An interesting thing I learned about bison (buffalo) was that they are no longer considered an endangered species. For hundreds of years in the U.S. and Canada they we’re nearly wiped out during the fur trade, gold rush etc. and after unti
    the point there was very few of them left. (due to both traders, Indians, and others who hunted them).

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    • Thank you. That’s what I’ve heard too from visiting all those national parks during my 15-day road trip. I think it’s only recently that they got taken off the endangered species list. It’s so sad that people used to hunt them for their body parts.

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  2. Very cool pictures! I haven’t been to Yellowstone for many years. It would be fun to go again. We stayed at a community lodge, and I was surprised to see a Bison sauntering past all the parked cars. I would not have gone outside at that point. lol. Would love t go back again…:)

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    • Thank you. There were a lot of bison when I was there. I remember I was turning into a parking when a bison was exiting the parking lot. I thought it was just one but it turned out it was a herd. It scared me so bad that I quickly backed out of the parking lot and hit the road. 😀

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