#WeekendCoffeeShare: In Which We Are Celebrating

Good morning and thank you for joining me for a lovely weekend chat. I would tell you this weekend chat will be slightly different from all the other ones. For one thing, we’re celebrating. Celebrating what? You ask. For these reasons, of course:

  • It’s the weekend!!!
  • Mr. COO has gone back to Taiwan (major reason for celebration)!!
  • My new house will be officially mine (well, not mine per se, still belongs to the bank) next Tuesday!
  • I got notice of my seventh anniversary with WordPress last week (not the blog, just the account)!
  • My mom got a new job!!!

So why don’t you join me in this celebration with a double-layer whipped cream cake top with fruit along with side of drink of your choice. Coffee? Tea? Smoothie? Ice Tea?

First of all, I cannot express how much I’ve been looking forward to this weekend. Now that it’s here, celebration is in order. Last weekend, I spent my two days off moving furniture. By Monday, I couldn’t move anymore. My feet hurt, so did my back, and I could barely move my arms. In the meantime, acne began sprouting all over my face. I haven’t had acne for months!

It was the stress of moving and the sudden intense exercising, I just know it.

Then the corner of my left eye began hurting and the eye lid started twitching. The twitching was very distracting to my driving. I googled for the cause of eye-twitching and found out it could be a number of reasons like anxiety, stress, exhaustion, inflammation of the eyelid.

The worst part was I had to turn to caffeine again as I wasn’t getting enough sleep at night. I don’t know why, perhaps I was having too many nightmares and dreams though I couldn’t remember any of them. I also caught myself sleepwalking one night – I was in bed asleep and suddenly, I found myself standing by my bedroom door.

Enough of that, this #weekendcoffeeshare is all about celebration. Mr. COO had officially gone back to Taiwan yesterday. Immediately after he left, the office atmosphere changed from detention-silent to everyone exhaling the breath they’ve been holding and laughing and smiling. The less fortunate thing, though, is he might be back at the end of the month but I’ll take what I can get.

The next reason for celebration is next Tuesday, I’m going to finally close the house contract for the new house. After a little over a month of paperwork and constant communication with my loan officer and neighbor, this house is finally mine! Although the bank can take it anytime if I can’t make it on my payment, this house is mine.

Oh, and I almost forgot, my mom got a new job!!! She got an offer yesterday and I would like to share a slice of the cake with her and congratulate her on her new endeavor as well as hope she’ll be happy at this job.

Before we say goodbye and head to whatever we got planned for this weekend, I would like to share some of my favorite pictures posted this week on social media. I hope you enjoy the pictures, the cake, drinks, and the celebration. I also hope you will join me again same time next weekend.

27 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: In Which We Are Celebrating

  1. Congrats on the weekend and on your new house. U may still have a mortgage to pay nuts it’s a space if your own to decorate and make as u want. You can truly make it yours and that’s something to be proud off. I’m sorry about the tic in your eye and that u are not sleeping well. I think the tic might be stress my mom gets that when she is extremely stressed out and every once in a while I do too. I think if u take it easy this weekend it should go away. Your COO and work I think would be good reason that you’re having this eye tic.

    Congrats to your Mom as well. What does your Mom do? Will she live with you in your new house?

    For sleep, I would try melatonin Webber naturals are Jamison has good brands. Get the ones that dissolve in your mouth they are the best. If you get the 3 mg dose to start out with one or two should do it I you can’t get to sleep or if you awake it the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep. I had to use them for years so if u need a few more it’s okay and they do come in a 5 mg amount per pill if you need it. For most, the 3 mg size is good and your body naturally produces melatonin anyways so it’s not harmful to take these whenever you need.

    If it gets bad and u go to the Doctor avoid Ativan at all costs it’s really a very dangerous and addictive drug. But u might ask for zopiclone and one pill, even a half will help.

    Thanks for sharing and allowing me give me advice. As always u can take it or leave it. And fits annoying u can just tell me and I’ll stop.

    Have a good weekend Yinglan! Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Thank you. I’m actually thinking of trying melatonin but all I have is expired ones. Would that work, I wonder?
      My mom is a translator and this was a job I found for her on LinkedIn. A recruiter contacted about this translator job but I didn’t want to be a translator. So I recommended my mom for the job and she got it.
      Thank you for stopping by. Your advice is always welcome.

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