Trip to Mirror Lake

As I noted in yesterday’s post, I was day-tripping to Mirror Lake, which is a large lake in Wasatch National Forest, about 80 miles from Salt Lake City and about 30 miles to the Utah-Wyoming border. I discovered Mirror Lake when I googled places to go in Northern Utah.

I wasn’t going to go at first because after all, it was nearly a 2-hour drive from my home which is 100 miles from Mirror Lake. It simply felt too far. But after much self-debate, in the end, I made the decision to take the trip. I needed it, I reasoned with myself. I needed this after so many weeks away from nature.

I’m glad I went. For one, the temperature at Mirror Lake was much cooler. I even needed a jacket. For another, the scenery was incredible. I could stand there all day and be mesmerized by the clear blue water and the mountains.

This is Bald Mountain, it peaks out at about 13,000 feet, about 3,500 feet higher than the elevation of Mirror Lake, and it can be seen at Mirror Lake in all directions.

My aunt seemed quite happy on this trip. She seemed to had waited for a nature trip like this for a while, at least ever since our last one. She couldn’t stop taking pictures and at times, I even had to wait for her. She was mesmerized in the scenery as well. A few times when I tried to tell her, without letting me finish, she would nod her head. Are you even listening to me? I wanted to say but let’s face it, anyone will get distracted in this marvelous place.

After a while, we decided to lay out our picnic on a rock but I didn’t feel like eating. Not hungry yet. So I walked down the path next to our picnic spot and began photographing the lake. I didn’t cause this ripple by the way. I think it was created by a bug or something.

After lunch, as we continued around the lake, I couldn’t help noticing some trees had been cut down. Perhaps it was the tree’s time.

Four hours later, my aunt and I finally finished walking around Mirror Lake and satisfied with our nature experience, we made our way back to the car and headed home but not before stopping at the summit of Route 150 and snap a picture of Bald Mountain.

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