Inspirational Blogger Award

Last week, I was nominated by Cyranny or Cyranny’s Cove for the Inspirational Blogger Award. Thank you, Cyranny.

After so many award nominations, I rarely participate in them anymore but Cyranny’s blog is one of my favorites and she posts some interesting questions related to this award.

Here are the rules to this award:

  1. Answer five questions posed by the person nominating you.
  2. Give one random fact about yourself.
  3. Link back to the blog of the person nomination you.
  4. Link back to Colin ( as he want to come across new and inspirational blogs that he wouldn’t usually
  5. Nominate 5 blogs to receive this award
  6. Pose them 5 questions of your own devising (Four personal, one stupid/fun)

Here are Cyranny’s questions:

Credit: Google Image

Would you rather know when you’ll die the day before, so you can do whatever you’d wish to do… Or not know until the last second? 

I would rather not know until the last second than the day before because knowing my life will be over in 24 hours feels very painful.  

Name one movie that made a real difference in your life, and tell me why?

I kept thinking and thinking… I don’t watch movies to learn a lesson, I watch for the entertainment. So nope, no movie comes to mind.

Do you have a hidden talent (I bet you do… think hard)? 

I haven’t discovered it yet. Who knows, maybe my hidden talent is I’m a singer or a dancer.

Credit: Google Image

Would you prefer an extra hour per day, or 1000$ in your bank account? (I know, we discussed that with Danny, once)

An extra hour per day, please and please make it fall on a midnight hour so I can get one more hour of sleep.

Which is your favorite finger? Why?

My pointer finger because when I put it up, it’s not offensive like the middle finger and it turns out to quite useful when I have only hand to type.

One random fact about myself…

I often sing out loud to the radio when I’m driving alone.

I nominate the following bloggers for this award…

  1. Miriam
  2. Barbara
  3. Michelle
  4. Betcha Didn’t Know
  5. Oneta

Now, for my five questions:

  1. Name three authors you would like to invite to dinner. Why?
  2. Summarize your life in three sentences.
  3. Tell me something that no one knows about you.
  4. If you have to live this life again on repeat, what is something you would do that’s different?
  5. What is your favorite day of the week?

8 thoughts on “Inspirational Blogger Award

  1. I had noticed that award nomination posts were not something that you did often, but I wasn’t aware it was because you had just chosen not to participate anymore… So I am twice as glad to see your post this morning…. And I must say, I am truly honored that my little Cove has a place in your favorite blogs list!! You just made my day! 🙂 *hugs*

    Liked by 1 person

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