Share Your World – Week of November 20, 2017

If you were having difficulty on an important test and could safely cheat by looking at someone else’s paper, would you do so?

No, I would not cheat because that’ll just make me feel guilty later especially if I do well, I will think I don’t deserve it and that I didn’t earn it.

What things in nature do you find most beautiful?

Everything in nature is beautiful except wild fires and destructive weather like tsunamis and hurricanes. The things I find most beautiful are the things that are wild – trees, animals, mountains, natural lakes, rivers, and waterfalls.

Credit: Abigail Keenan via unsplash

Complete this sentence: When I travel I love to….

When I travel, I love to travel solo and at my own pace. Okay, maybe with just one additional person to drive for a while when my legs are tired but the trip must be at my own pace.

BUT absolutely no organized tours!!!

After going through that twice, I say no way to those things. I would rather spend a little more on hotels and transportation than riding on a bus with a bunch of people while the tour guide’s voice booms through a bullhorn or a microphone.

Credit: Adam Birkett via unsplash

What inspired you or what did you appreciate this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 

I have been wanting a Fitbit for a while now because from reading people’s stories, it seems to provide motivation to exercise and lose weight. My weight has been standstill in the past couple of years. I can’t lose the weight and yet I can’t gain weight either, not by much anyway.

Last weekend, while my mom was shopping for a big-flat-screen-television, I was shopping in the fitness watch section. I stared at the price for what felt like a lifetime and then I decided, I needed it. I grabbed one and paid for it myself. This would be my Christmas present and hopefully, I can finally achieve my new year resolution for next year.

It’s been two days since I got my Fitbit and so far, so good. It’s inspired me to not sit for so long at a time. It’s motivated me to get up, walk around, and do some jumping jacks to get my heart pumping so I wouldn’t feel so cold in the office.

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Share Your World Challenge

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