Photo of the Day!

We had the very first snow storm of the season on Sunday and overnight, it dumped at least 4 inches of that white stuff on my lawn. I’m glad I was staying home. The traffic was horrific. There were more than ten crashes up and down the valley and the freeway got shut down because of a car went aflame. Wow, I’m so glad I didn’t blindly obey Miss HR’s order to go to her house to work. Her house is up in the mountains where it was reported to have 6 inches of snow fallen the previous night. My little car can barely get up those slopes on a sunny day let alone a snowy day. Yikes!

Driving to work was the least of my problems yesterday. The company got shut down by the Fire Department last Friday for violating fire safety law and so far, it hasn’t been re-opened yet. It’s making me anxious as hell and I feel like I’ll get in trouble if I stay home for another day but honestly, I have nothing to do even if I went to Miss HR’s house.

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Technical Details

Sony NEX-5T (f/5.6, 23 mm, ISO-100, 1/200 sec)

10 thoughts on “Photo of the Day!

  1. Apologies for the above comment, feel free to delete haha!
    Anyways, I was going to say nice pic. My hometown is also receiving a little snow, which I miss a little as I am currently living in Sydney, far far away from any of the white stuff!

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