#WeekendCoffeeShare: Still Adjusting

Good Sunday morning! Thank you for joining me. How has your week been?

Since I’m back at home, let’s mix some other drinks other than tea, shall we? What would you like? Coffee? I’ll have a green smoothie made from veggies, banana, and frozen fruit. I have to detox, give my intestines a cleanse from all that delicious yet unhealthy foods I had in China.

If we were having drinks, I would tell you this will be my fifth day back in the U.S and I’m still adjusting. No, not because of the time difference. It’s the fact I’m unemployed and who knows when I’ll find a new job or one I actually like.

I used to crave staying home on a weekday when I was working but now, I feel bad because everyday I stay at home, my mom’s out there earning a living, helping me pay my mortgage and bills. I feel like it should be me doing that. I just hope I find a job soon. I don’t like depending on my mom for money because sooner or later, this will backfire. I don’t know how, I just know it will.

If we were having drinks, I would tell you I had a semi-pleasant flight back to the U.S. It was nothing big, just a spoiled little girl sitting in the seat behind me occasionally stomping her feet against the back of my seat, disrupting my sleep. Her parents tried to control her but they seemed helpless against her tantrums. Therefore, I ended up getting only maybe 3 hours of sleep on that 12-hour flight.

I feel bad for the gentleman sitting a seat away because he had to put up with the little girl’s crying too. Once in a while, I would catch a glimpse of him stare unblinkingly at the screen and wondered whether he’s asleep or watching the movie.

Even though I am unemployed (for now), I am glad to be back home, at least there’s such thing as a furnace here to keep me warm as to the freezing heater-less China. It was so cold during my last days in China that I drank ginger tea and ate ginger cakes to stay warm. I don’t think I’ve ever had so much ginger in my life.

If we were having drinks, I would thank you for joining me this weekend. I would say I am glad I didn’t gain a pound during my two weeks in China. Whew! Before we say goodbye and until next weekend, I would like to show you some of the foods I ate this time in China.

11 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: Still Adjusting

  1. Hey Yinglan. I’m glad you were able to go back to China again for two weeks. I hope your cousins doing better and I have to go back and read some of your posts from
    China. Finding a good job is hard. Most students afteruniversity, even their second degree, that I know, it takes btw 3 to 12 months for them to find a job. I think you were lucky in someways, to have that job in school and the one after with crazy CFO because u have experience now, more than other people starting out would have. My little brother is 28 and in the same position as you. He is tired of being a student with student jobs and wants a real job to pay off student loans and go somewhere he can work his way up and earn experience, along with a decent starting salary and benefits, that kind of thing. But you’re even younger than my brother I think, so it’s so good good that you take time to travel, see the world etc. Now you can focus on the job hunt and improve your resume and send it out to place you find online, or through connections to work. I recommend linked in too, putting a great profile on there allows you to find jobs & I.ve had friends to who have been ‘head hunted’ from ther as well. Also, here we have temp & recruitment agencies & im sure they have them in the US. You interview with them & they can help you find a job right away, or you can temp with a few places before you find a place you want to do stay, and wants you to stay too. Temp agencies are great b/c they first, cut out job places for you that aren’t reputable or good places to work and they can try u at better companies where you can temp or interview for a job position. I used it for my first job & and my first job job turned out to be an excellent company, had I not become ill 🙂 Executrade is a good hiring/temp agency here but I don’t know if they are in the states.

    Haha that’s my advice for the week.
    P.S. I am also having a green smoothie. It’s delicious Kale, Pineapple, spinach, and a bit of juice, from Jugo juice. Once u get past the green color it’s delicious w/ great antioxidants too 🙂


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    • Hi Amanda, thanks for your comment. I haven’t talked to my cousin since we had tea with our grandma. I sure hope he’s all right. I haven’t had a chance to talk to him or any of my relatives since I got back to the U.S but hopefully, soon.

      I’ve actually been working with an agent for a few months now but so far, no luck but she’s hoping things will change this month. I hope she’s right. I thought of going with a temp agency but there’s only one here and the positions are usually for people with only a high school diplomas and the wages are usually not that high, at least, not high enough for me to afford the mortgage on my house.

      So far, I’ve applied for a few jobs but haven’t heard back yet. There’s a career fair at the university this week which I’m going in hopes of finding a job. 🤞 Wish me luck.

      P.S. Your green smoothie sounds great. I have been searching for kale at the supermarket but I only managed to find baby kale or organic kale which are both pretty expensive. Maybe they’re out of kale. Hmm… strange.

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      • Good luck with the job hunt. You’ll find something. I don’t know when kale is in season, but u can actually grow it inside like you would grow lettuce or spinach.

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      • Thank you. I think this job hunting thing just takes time. Meanwhile, I think I will start freelancing, to earn a few bucks, so I’m not sitting at home doing nothing while my mom’s out there working. It’s hard to start though.

        I understand you have some freelancing experience of your own. Any suggestions? I’m using Upwork as a starting platform.

        I might just grow kale in my backyard this year. 😀

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      • Upwork is great, it takes a bit. I’m not going to lie, to get experience on the site. But accounting and those kinds of skills are always more in need. You may have to start doing jobs that pay less to gain a history, to do jobs that pay better. Keep updating your profile with new projects and job experiences. Even hobbies can be of use on Upwork, such as WordPress experience, writing on a blog, travelling, photography etc.
        kale grows well. My friends actually grows a bit of it inside their condo for their guinie pig. He loves it. It’s very crisp and has a strong taste alone, but in salads are smoothies it’s great. A great deal of antioxidants and other good things like spinach has. Some restaurants here have Kale Caesar salads or we do buy this kale and cabbage salad from Costco. It has cranberries and sunflower seeds you add poppy seed dressing too (it’s all In the bag). For two-three people you can get about 2-3 salads out of one bag 🙂 it’s pre-packaged, but Walmart might have it too or a grocery store in their own version and probably in a smaller package. Let me know how the freelancing goes. You can always take the temp jobs too, to begin with for more experience and to try places out. When I did it, I had a one month position, then a few days one, then one that lasts three months and led to being hired on permently. B/c the temp industry is charging $26 or more for your position, it means you end up with $15 or $16 and it’s not great, but may pay better than freelancing. Also, if you like a company and you’ll find one, you’ll just find yourself fitting in, you can be hired at the end of the contract for a decent salary. Most companies who use temp agencies know they are paying more, even for a company hiring you, but it’s worth it to the, b/c the temp agency finds the best candidate, for temp positions leading to jobs, and for jobs outright. Temping sucks but it gives you and a company a chance to try each other out. Plus, u can walk away if you have it, even after one day or two or more. I know it might not pay the mortgage for a few months, but perhaps Mom can help you out a bit or u have a bit of savings to supplement? You could try freelancing at the sane time too.
        Cheers and good luck.

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      • So far, I’ve written seven proposals and three of them got rejected. I guess I’ll have to keep trying.
        I also signed up with the only temp agency in the state today. Hopefully I’ll hear back from them soon. I don’t mind temp positions. I think temp jobs can help me gain more experience in other areas in my field. I sure hope my mom can help me pay my mortgage, at least temporarily. After all, it was her suggestion I should buy this house.
        I don’t usually shop at Costco, especially not a salad. They are much too big and I’m the only one who eats them. I usually just buy the small boxes from the local grocery store.

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      • Yes Upwork is like that. You apply and apply. Try for really easy low paying or no paying jobs at first, like writing a review for products or books, then from there you can build on that. It like anything takes time. You’ll write a great deal of proposals, basically cover letters. Try to appeal to each client personally, that’s what I’ve learned. I hope you hear from the temp agency. I do think it’s a better option. If you don’t hear from them, you can always give them a follow up phone call, just to show you’re very interested in working with them to find a job or improve your skills etc.
        Good luck Yinglan. You can do this and you’ll find something soon I know it 🙂


  2. Welcome back! A friend of mine also just returned from China and brought back some awesome pics! Ugh.. I purposely choose an airline seat in front of an adult for that exact reason. If the seat behind me is empty, with my luck it will become occupied by a toddler. Best of luck with your job search!

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    • Thank you. It was tough to choose a seat since you have no idea who’s going to sit in front and behind you. This was my first time to encounter a child sitting behind me. I felt like I was in a scene of a movie with the child keep kicking the seat. It was irritating and frustrating.


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