#DSFWeeklyRewind: Just Want to Forget

Good morning and thank you for joining me on this Sunday. It’s been a long while since I’ve done a #DSFWeeklyRewind.

The weather today is yucky. I feel like there hasn’t been many good weather days this year so far. Anyway, we are under Winter Storm Warning at the moment and it’s supposed to remain in effect until tomorrow.

Last week was a rough week for me. On Monday, after coming home from my doctor’s appointment, I received a threatening call from the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). It scared me half to death. It took a while to calm the pounding of my heart and trembling of my hands even after I discovered it was nothing but a scam.

I know now that if the IRS wants something, they wouldn’t call, they would do it old-fashion and mail a letter.

If that wasn’t bad enough, I got scammed the second time on Friday. If you read my post yesterday, you’d read I found a part-time work-from-home job. I was so damn excited about having a job and income that I didn’t give it a thought that it might be a scam. I mean, the stuff the scammer had me do was ridiculous and I, stupidly enough, did it. I should’ve been vigilant and asked more questions.

I’m glad though I didn’t give out any personal information. The scammer was very thorough too, so thorough that it caught me by surprised and I’m someone who can usually spy a scam a mile away. He took the time to introduce the company, the job description, company benefits, pay rate, and the type of things I’d need for the job. The only annoying thing was the way he wrote to me like he’s talking to a 5-year-old. I mean, his choice of words was mediocre but I thought about my previous bosses and maybe that’s how bosses talk to their employees, they treat them like a bunch of dumb-asses.

Anyway, I think of the scammers I dealt with in the past, this was an advance level scam.

He used a legit company name and a legit name. Still, I should’ve spot it from the beginning – the weird email addresses, the way he wrote his messages, the way he interviewed me. Maybe I was too desperate. Well, can you blame me when all I want was to have my mom stop complaining?

I should sue this scammer for emotional distress. Even now, after being ensured by mom, the bank, and some other people everything’s going to be fine, I’m still a little jittery every time I see a police car in the next lane or a few cars in front of me, fearing he/she might be going to my home, waiting for me to show up and arrest me the moment I show up.

I want to cry but what’s the use? It’s not like my mom would be any comfort to me. We barely talk these days and when we do, we often end up arguing.

I guess I should be glad the week is over. Right now, all I want is to forget all the bad stuff happened this past week and focus on the good like receiving Red envelopes for Chinese New Year, the beautiful and wonderful hike last Sunday, meeting new people in my Facebook groups this past week, and the wonderful compliment I got from my mom about my Milk Buns. She wants me to make more now, so I best go to work on those buns. See you next weekend.

15 thoughts on “#DSFWeeklyRewind: Just Want to Forget

  1. You are not the only one to get scam. We both letters often a free ride to medical appointments. Me have co cliff with Medicaid needs. mine was made months ago. Bob has one near same time a d our driver has one in the same e period. thought here was an answer. No bread them the highlights. You need to pay the driver and follow a lot of rules and you might be reimbursed. As I looked I to the offer it is probably a scam. It even asked for your Medicare #.

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