#WeekendCoffeeShare: Lead the Way

Good Saturday morning! Thank you for joining me. Come on in for some drinks! Coffee? Tea?

If we were having drinks, I would tell you it’s been a warm and sunny week, a nice change from the previous week. I would tell you I have been going out to the backyard to check on my flowers as well as the cherry tree and raspberries. Good news is the raspberries has new leaves sprouting from its branches. The bad news is all the other trees (fruitless Asian pear tree, Japanese Maple, and cherry tree) seemed to still be dormant.

The temperature is supposed to spike to the 70’s (Fahrenheit) this weekend, so hopefully, it will wake them. The weeds were woken up by the 50-degree temperature, surely, a cherry tree can wake up at 70-degree temperature.

Another bad news is yesterday was so warm, I decided to place my tomato plants outside for some sunshine. When I brought it back into the house, a few looked wilted. They can’t be dead, can they? 😬

If we were having drinks, I would tell you it’s been an average week. My mom’s family’s immigration status had sped up after a long 13-year wait. Every night, she came home to a mountain of paper work which I have to help with. It’s very frustrating because she wouldn’t explain to me what was going on, what the forms were for. It’s like someone asks you to write the second-half of a book without giving you the first half. She had me call the helpline without giving me any information and expected me to know the questions to ask.

What’s worse was after I got off the phone, she criticized me about it, saying my English is not good and I don’t know how to socialize with people. I think she meant I can’t converse with people but I don’t think having a stutter counts as an inability to converse.

If we were having drinks, I would tell you I had the second interview for a job opportunity on Thursday and the mistake I made was telling my mom about it afterward. So stupid! She went on the night yelling about why I didn’t lie (or critical thinking, as she called it) on that question. The question was “Do I own a smartphone.” I answered “No, but I can get one.”

I’m sorry but I am not comfortable lying. I believe in karma and lying can set off a chain of events. That was why I quit my job. I wasn’t comfortable telling little lies for my bosses.

I don’t think my answer to that question is a deal breaker, though. Is it possible they won’t hire me because of this question?

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I haven’t heard back from the HR lady yet but it’s only been a day. At the moment though, I will pray to God, pray he will lead the way because I feel very lost at the moment and my mom is driving me insane with this whole work situation. She thought I’d have a job by now and she kept telling me I should regret quitting my job, which was another job she had pushed me into. Well, guess what, I don’t and can’t regret quitting that job because even if I do regret that decision, I can’t go back and undo it. It’s in the past. Move on already!

If we were having drinks, I would tell you some of my fun times this week was spent in church. Even though I am an introvert, sometimes getting out of the house and meeting new people makes me feel better. Going out and conversing with people makes me feel less depressed about my current situation. I should do that more often but then meeting too many new people exhausts me.

If we were having hot drinks, I would thank you for joining me this weekend and hope to see you again next weekend.

23 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: Lead the Way

  1. Good luck with the job hunt. What about temp jobs? I was hired into a temp to possible hire situation once and when you temp you get to check out the company before you work there permanently. I applaud your integrity. I have found that when we work somewhere that is in conflict with our values it will take a big toll on us, not worth it. 🙂

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  2. If it’s any consolation, I think you made the right judgment by not lying. It shows integrity. I also think you had the right answer, which implied that the job was important enough to get one should it pan out. Be patient with HR. Sometimes it takes awhile for them to go through their candidates and to make a decision. And even not getting the job doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t call you back later regarding some other opening.

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  3. Good for you, leaving an unhealthy work environment! The primary reason that I left my IT job with a major financial corporation in the mid 80s was because I was expected to lie to my customers; I was the regional coordinator for some data-processing services provided corporate clients. I ended up starting my own freelance business; tough going at first, but definitely better to live in ethical limbo.

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  4. I don’t know why your mom is so critical. That would upset my a lot as I can see it upsets you. You don’t have to live with you. What age’s Doing is called mental abuse and you don’t have to put up with it. Just do your best, you may not hear about a job for a bit. Just keep trying. If you can afford it, a smartphone is probably a good ide, you can call, text, and receive work emails on it, as well as others. They probably just want to know that they can reach you or send you important documents if need to be. There are inexpensive plans if you with smaller companies. Compared the here, you guys have excellent phone plans all around, where price I concerned.
    I think your answer to the question was great. You’re willing to make the effort but you’re also honest. Better luck with your Mom & everything. I hope your relatives can get into the US soon. Does that mean they will live with you as well? Seems like you have a great deal of responsibility. I hope u can have fun too.

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    • Actually, my internet provider includes a phone plan in the internet package and all I need is a phone, which is quite expensive. But yeah, it is a good idea to have a phone because right now, the only way I can answer any phone calls is when I have wi-fi and there are many times when I wish I can make a call somewhere other than home.

      By the way, I heard back from the HR and they let me move on to the next interview. Yay! Right now, I am waiting on the detail for the next interview which is a video interview. They said I should hear from them this week or next. Crossing my fingers.

      *sigh* I don’t know why my mom is like this. She often makes me feel like I can do nothing right. Even her family cannot deal with this. I’m just trying my best to tolerate.

      Yeah, I think at least for a little while, my mom’s siblings will have to live with me. We get along okay but I’m afraid I will feel a little claustrophobic with so many people under the same roof even if we all have different rooms.

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      • I’m so excited about your second stage job interview! That’s great! I think if you can find an older model of a phone you might be okay. If you can find say for instance an iPhone on Kijiji that’s a great place to look. I think a 6s or 7 should cost around $300.00. Inspect the phone though! Google Nexus phones are cheaper & actually very good, my Mom and bro both use one. Apple also sells refurbished phones, and phone carriers, such as your cable company might as well? Or they might be able to help you find a good phone, but one that is also affordable. It’s very different here, you pay a bit for a phone upfront, and the rest is included in your plan rate each month. Contracts last here now, about 2 years, which is much better than the 3 it used to be. However, it does mean plans have gone up, Data specifically, is expensive, and it never used to be.

        Anyways, best of luck with the interview. You’re smart and great at your job, and I’m crossing my fingers and praying for you. 🙏🏻😊

        I’m sorry about your Mom. That must be hard if even your family notices it. But, if there’s more people in the house, it means less time to pick on you, especially, if you’re working. I find it takes time to get used to more people in your home, but after a few weeks you settle in, and I’m sure they’ll want their own place soon enough.

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      • Unfortunately, if I want the free plan from my internet provider, I will have to purchase a new phone from them. They won’t let me buy the phone from anywhere else. It’s strange but I think they just want people to pay for something instead of a phone plan. As for contracts, there’s no contract here. I think phone companies stopped doing contracts a few years ago. Data is not too expensive if I choose to go with my internet provider’s plan – $12/GB if I use it or $45/month for unlimited data.

        I think anyone who get to know my mom long enough will notice it too. And you’re right, with more people in the house, she will no longer pay attention to me. Like when my aunt was here, my mom would do to her sister what she does to me. I sure hope that with a job, they will move out.

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      • Haha 😆. Cross your fingers right. Interesting phone plans. Phones are expensive outright, but I think often it pays to purchase it new, and then use it for as long as possible. At least here’s that true. Good luck with the phone and your Mom. 🙏🏻💕

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      • I think that’s why they need us to purchase a new phone since there’s no contract to the plan. So no upgrades like typical phone companies. And then we can use the phone as long as possible.

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