#AtoZChallenge 2018 – E for Encounter

I don’t think I told this story before. So let’s tell it for E which is for an encounter I will never forget. 

Last May, I went on a 15-day road-trip with my aunt. We spent a week touring five of Canada’s national parks before coming back to tour a few of the National Parks in the United States. Before we started the trip, my aunt and I agreed that I will drive the US portion while she will drive Canada’s portion of the road-trip since I’m not accustomed to driving slow speeds and in kilometer per hour.

Anyway, let’s fast forward to the last two days of the trip. We were in Yellowstone National Park and it was quite early in the morning. We decided to get an early start since we only had a day and a half to spend in this park and there were so much to see. It was snowing that day and as we reached the geysers, we spotted herds and herds of bison gathering around the hot springs.

I decided to pull over and photograph the herds because I was the driver and I could do what I want.

After snapping a few photographs, I moved on to the first scenic destination. However, as I entered the parking lot, a bison began to exit the parking lot. Immediately, I slammed on the brakes. It did the same. “What do I do?” I asked my aunt.

“Back up,” she replied but as I was about to shift the gear to reverse, she said, “Stop.” I turned to her with raised brows. “Let it go first.”

“It can’t,” I replied. “It doesn’t have enough room.” As I sat there for a second, trying to decide what to do, the bison took a step forward which immediately prompted me to back out of the parking lot. As I rolled out of the parking lot, the bison followed and very soon, a herd appeared.

My heart began to pound as the car continued to roll. “Where should I stop?” I asked my aunt but before she answered, I made my decision to stop in the middle of the road, between the yellow lines and prayed the bison weren’t planning on crossing the road. Thankfully, they weren’t. As soon as they exited the parking lot, they headed in the opposite direction.

“Whew, that was so close.” I told my aunt.

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Technical Details

Sony NEX-5T v. 1.00 (f/11, 32 mm, ISO-100, 1/80 sec)

16 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge 2018 – E for Encounter

  1. I’ve only encountered bison in Custer State Park in South Dakota. Truly my favorite animal. Pretty scary when they close the distance between you! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. You mentioned in your latest post for ‘M’ that your geography knowledge was lacking but it’s not as lacking as mine – until now I thought Yellowstone National Park was in North America. I could look on a map instead of asking… fun to read your encounter with the bison!

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