#AtoZChallenge 2018 – F for Field

This is Field, a small town located in British Columbia, Canada. As I mentioned in my previous post, my aunt and I took a road trip last May where we visited five of Canada’s National Parks. The town Field is part of Yoho National Park.

It was our second day in Canada. The weather wasn’t great that day. I remember it was quite chilly and misty. It didn’t make me want to go anywhere except snuggle beneath blankets in my hotel room. The wind, the rain, the cold, no thank you. Apparently, my aunt didn’t want to move either.

Suddenly, I was glad not to have my mom along this road trip because she would had pushed us up at 5:30 am and we would be out all day, walking until our feet were screaming in pain.

My aunt and I decided to take it easy that day. We took a quick stroll around Lake Louise which was about a five minute drive from the hotel. Lake Louise was beautiful though I’m sure it’s even more beautiful during the summer on a beautiful day when the lake wasn’t half frozen. After Lake Louise, we headed back to the hotel where my aunt did a load of laundry. She has a habit of doing the laundry every two days.

Lake Louise

Before we knew, it was the afternoon and we must determine if there was anywhere we could go. After consulting Google and paper maps, I decided we could take a trip to Yoho National Park. The park is small enough for an afternoon tour.

So we headed west out of Alberta and into British Columbia. The weather seemed to lightened up a bit the moment we crossed into B.C. and unexpectedly, the time changed automatically on the clock on the dashboard of the car. We had entered Pacific Time Zone. An extra hour, how excellent!

Yoho National Park was beautiful with the Natural Bridge and Emerald Lake. I could stand there and shoot pictures forever. However, it was getting late even though it didn’t seem like it. In Canada, the sun, from my observation, seems to stick around longer.

We headed back and checked out Field, hoping to find a place to sit down for a meal. However, when we arrived, we discovered Field is a quaint little residential town with not much to see except railroad tracks and river. After a quick browse, we hit the road back to the hotel in Lake Louise.

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18 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge 2018 – F for Field

  1. Sorry you didn’t get better weather around Field. It’s a beautiful spot with the great cliffs of the mountains seeming to come right down to the road. And I love that drive through Yoho. Thanks for reminding me!

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