#WeekendCoffeeShare: A Wrap to Another Week

Good Sunday morning! Thank you for joining me. Come on in for some drinks! Coffee? Tea?

If we were having drinks, I would tell you it seems like the weather has improved today. The rain had stopped yesterday afternoon. The moment the sky stopped raining, my mom hurried outside to dig holes for the trees.

I bought four trees this week – two cherry trees and two plum trees. I sure hope they will thrive in my backyard.

Anyway, I chose to stay behind to read my book. Unfortunately, I couldn’t because I noticed my mom was digging in the place I buried my dahlia bulbs.  “Ma!!!” I shouted. “No!!!”

She stopped digging at once as I explained. She got so frustrated and when she’s frustrated, I’m frustrated and I kinda knew what she was going to say too. She would scream, “Stupid! What were you thinking?” Well, I wasn’t predicting you were going to plan the trees there, that’s what I wasn’t thinking. Ultimately, I blocked out the entire conversation. She sounds like the teacher in Peanut now, “Wah Wah Wah.”

She just wouldn’t listen to me. Like last week, we bought garden soil to fill the raised beds. I told her to be careful loosening the preexisting soil and she ended up cracking the irrigation pipe which I had to fix. Yesterday, in her careless digging, she damaged two of my dahlia bulbs. 😒 Now, I can only hope she hadn’t damaged them too bad.

If we were having drinks, I would tell you about the book I’m reading, A House in the Sky by Amanda Lindhout. It’s a memoir about this traveler/journalist/photographer surviving a horrible ordeal in Somalia. I won’t go into any more detail than that, don’t want to spoil the book for anyone reading or interested in reading the book.

It’s an interesting read, I tell ya. I started reading this book in 2015 or 2016 (can’t remember) but I stopped because I thought the book would get too gruesome for me to read. The scenes were too vivid and I didn’t want to have nightmares. I was wrong about the gruesome part.

If we were having drinks, I would tell you I made quite a few friends when I finally introduced myself to a group on Facebook. I enjoyed chatting with these entrepreneurial women as a few of them had some great advice and inspiring words to share with me. Talking to people made me feel alive and less depressed.

If we were having drinks, I would tell you my former colleague was right. Early January, she called me and told me she was afraid I would get depressed after I quit my job. At first, I laughed. Depressed? Please. I’ve been looking for an excuse to quit this job. Now, I’m starting to think she might be right. Some days, I found myself standing by the window looking out, not feeling like doing anything.

I think that’s why I cook, why I bake, why I garden. Those things keep me occupied from thinking about my lack of income and the fact of how I’m going to pay for mortgage in the coming month.

One of the bright side of the week – I got through the first week of the A-Z Challenge. My theme is Photo + Story, a feature photo accompanied by a story. Below are all the featured photos for the first week’s A-Z Challenge posts.

You can click here to read all the A-Z posts so far. 

What are your favorite posts so far? Choose 3 from the poll below!

If we were having drinks, I would thank you for joining me this weekend and hope to see you again next weekend.

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